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Who is Stan, and Who is Naked.

Made you look! It's not as sordid as it sounds.

Class of '87 Rules!

In fifth grade, a new girl came to our class at school and to my chagrin she fit right in right away. I was leery to accept her because she was a brunette that was prettier than me, and more popular than me which meant my days of portraying Kelly Garrett of Charlie's Angels on the playground were numbered. I would be downgraded to Sabrina Duncan "the plain one."

Thankfully, Monica's family didn't even have a television and she spent her free time reading the encyclopedia (seriously she did, like would risk punishment for staying up past her bedtime for reading it with a flashlight), so the only thing she knew about Kelly is that it was a type of green.


I was so relieved because there was no one that couldn't like her, especially me which is why she was easily one of my best friends. We survived high school together, went to college as roommates, overall have shared many memories. She's one of those friends that no matter how much time passes between conversations, no matter how much real estate lies between you, you pick up where you left off.


The name of this blog is a quote from her that I thought was so funny when she originally said it 25 years ago in a story she told me. I couldn't let it go without using it someway somehow. She and her husband had several dogs, one of which was named Stan. She was taking a shower, and something prompted her to check on a sound or commotion, I can't remember, so in peeking out she sees their dog Stan in the living room with a frog in his mouth. She screams for her husband, but he is busy and wants to know why she needs him. So, unable to come out, she yells to him, "Stan's got a frog in his mouth and I'm naked." I thought that the saying had such an inquisitive ring to it, so I vowed to write a book one day and entitle it thusly no matter what the subject was. How could anybody resist a book named "Stan's Got a Frog in His Mouth and I'm Naked." So, this blog is not exactly a book, but maybe it is the 21st-century equivalent.


So, I bought the domain before the situation with Eli. I'm sure the majority of my blogging will be about his journey, but hopefully, I can mix it up. If you see any mistakes or something that needs to be changed, forgive me and let me know.



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