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The Roof Tree Broadcast

Caleb and I were walking out of our condo where we are staying this week at the beach. The sunset was stunning tonight after a couple of days of steady rain. I have a borrowed camera with us to take a couple of senior pics of Hg, and I said, “Ya know, Caleb, I should see if I packed a nice shirt for you and get your picture real quick.” He said, “That’s ok. I’m good.” I don’t take as many pictures as I did with Eli. Don’t have that same sense of urgency, although I should, and we all should.

We missed Eli building and digging in the sand with Caleb.

The kids and I came down to the beach to squeeze out a little bit more of summer before school starts back, and evidently before I report for jury duty (my fifth summons). Vic sent me a picture of what came in the mail for me while I’ve been gone. We also hit Troy State University for an official visit, although I don’t see how anywhere is going to persuade Hg away from Harding at this point, although if she gets an acceptance to Mississippi State, I think she will give temporary pause.

We arrived on Monday and had about a day and a half of good beach day before the bottom fell out, and kept falling out.

This afternoon was a pretty good beach day in the rain. Hg brought her fight with allergies to the beach. And, sadly, Abbey has been fighting an excessive case of poison ivy and was unable to get on the sand or in any water because of oozing blisters. So, that has made it a little bit difficult when trying to make sure everyone is getting to do something fun. She was good to sit in the condo by herself and watch movies on the beach day, so today while the others went to the beach in the rain, she and I went school clothes shopping - only for tops since her feet and legs are still covered in blister

We did all enjoy a walk on the longest pier in the state of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico. We saw a sea turtle, a dolphin, a shark, a stingray, and a couple of crabs. We attempted a meal at a local restaurant that claimed it was like Phil Sandoval’s, and I call FOUL! For shame to make that claim! To guarantee we would not waste another chance to eat out on an unknown, we stuck with a favorite tonight, Texas Roadhouse, which is the most consistently good chain steakhouse that I’ve been to. Abbey is allergic to fish, specifically catfish, but we keep her away from all fish, and only Vic is big on seafood anyway.

There was talk of fishing in the morning, so we will see how that works out. We are not fishermen. I really like “to fish” as long as I don’t have to take what I catch off the line. I think casting the line is so much fun, because it’s like throwing and I love anything I can throw or toss or shoot at a target, and then the anticipation and sport of pulling something in. After that more beach time for Hg and Caleb, more movie watching for Abbey, then home.

Sunday we have our Eli The Eliminator Ride & Remember. I am thrilled and grateful to announce that WKAC 1080AM will be broadcasting Eli’s Roof Tree speech at 2:20 p.m., during the ride. So, we can all tune-in while we are cruising. If you can’t come to the ride, you can still tune-in, or if you are out of range, I’m pretty sure they have a way to participate online with an app from their app store or with TuneIn. Go to for details on how to listen in.

Please, share our scholarship to junior and seniors in high school. The deadline is August 7. We welcome applicants who plan to attend a four-year academic college or a two-year vocational college or plan to attend law enforcement academy. That website is


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