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Chattanooga - The Little Pony that Could

Eli’s Block Party was invited to be at the World of Wheels Chattanooga this weekend, so I am raising awareness with Eli’s Eliminator. Chattanooga is synonymous with the Choo-Choo train, so can’t help but think of trains when we are here. Caleb has always loved trains, either train cars or making a “train” our of things by lining them up.

But, this is our first indoor car show and first time to the Chattanooga show. It’s always fun to see people looking at the car, commenting on it, many people take pictures of it and of the engine bay.

One little boy was so excited when he looked inside, he said, “It’s got my name in it!” Vic had a custom gear knob made with Eli’s name on it for the MGW shifter.

Another piece that gets a lot of attention from just about all ages is the flaming skeleton horse in the front grille. It replaces the stock emblem. Eli saw one like it on a car somewhere and Vic got the guy’s name. So, when we were letting Eli pick out some things to “make it his,” that’s the one thing he wanted was that flaming skeleton horse. Vic talked to the guy and explained the rush, so the guy got it out as soon as was possible. But, unfortunately, it came a few days before he died. He got to hold the emblem and see it, but not see it on the car. It's not my taste, but it says 12-year-old boy (or 50-year old man, whichever, it's pretty much the same) and Eli loved it, so I love it. It’s always fun to see so many kids, and even adults point it out and take pictures of it.

There was actually a line waiting for the doors to open this morning. I’m not sure if it’s because people wanted to get in and out before the weather or if that’s normal. (continued)

Nevertheless, there is a steady crowd this morning. Eli’s Eliminator is one of only five Mustangs here, but it’s not technically in the show. I am used to Mustang-heavy events. People seem genuinely intrigued to see a Mustang. Each car show we go to it’s interesting to notice what people pay attention to. We go to mostly small shows, so Vic’s modifications don’t get noticed as much, meaning that not a lot of gear heads come through. He’s got the dyno printout on the car that shows the horsepower it pulls and we have a display that lists all the modifications as well. So, a lot of guys are spending a lot of time checking it out. Vic is not here today yet, but hopefully he will get here in time to talk with some people. He loves to talk about the mechanics of the car, could care less what it looks like, but any chance he can talk about its innards, he enjoys that. (continued)

As I’ve had people come by the booth another Eli came by who just finished with his cancer treatment at St. Jude. I didn’t ask to get a picture of him, I wanted to, but it didn’t seem right. But, I did invite him to come to Superhero Day, so I hope that he will get to join us for that.

Our own car show is coming up March 21st. This is our biggest spring event, so if you can come we’d love to have you join us. This is an open car show, so all makes and models welcome. We do plan to feature MOPAR this year, so we will have a special top trophy for top in that category. The Exhaust Explosion contest will be back, as will Smokin’ Box Barbecue and The Mustang Man Joseph Scott will be at the mic. We have cruise-in parking for those that just want to “show and shine,” but we have a knowledgeable judging team to chose the winners in many categories for trophies. We are also hopeful to have Sponsor’s Choice this year, so if you ‘d like to be a sponsor, let us know.

When I used to blog about Eli’s day, I used to ask for prayers for as many cancer kids as I could think of. Please, remember the family of little Wyatt Spann who I think has been sent home from St. Jude. I’m not sure he is well enough to seek further treatment. I often get asked to contact cancer parents about how to find a trial, and I am always more than willing to talk with anyone, but I will not contact them. So if you know of someone you think would be interested in talking with me, please contact them, give them my contact info, and let them know to reach out. But, I will never just assume someone wants me to offer my two cents. It’s hard to know what parents who face dire imminent inevitabilities want or need because personalities are so varied and I would not dream of adding to the worry or stress. But, please, always feel free to offer my contact information.


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