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We are “Bison Home” after two chock-full days of Harding University’s “Bison Bound” for incoming freshmen (and parent) orientation. It’s going to be an expensive 4 years… tuition? No, speeding tickets from the tiny towns that dot the delta along an irresistible stretch of highway between the Mississippi River and Searcy, Arkansas. On the way, I had dropped my traditionally vigilant guard and forgotten my avoidance tactics of following someone else, watching for brake lights up ahead, etc., and instead was engaged in last minute talks with Hg about her major when Barney plucked me from a line of passers-through. So frustrating.

Especially, when I learned that Barney had given a warning to my daughter’s friend… an 18yo blonde. Ageism!! Nevermind the mph difference, I declare Ageism!!

Like Barney, we also had a productive weekend. Two years of circuitous discussions, college visits, job-shadowing, interviews, pros and cons lists, Venn diagrams, and spreadsheets led to the front of the Swaid and Christy Swaid Center for Health Sciences Building at Harding University. Hg registered for classes as a Communications Disorders major and Business minor with the intention of pursuing audiology. So, that’s where she will start. Who knows where she will end because there was still some hesitation due to the fact that she doesn’t want to deal with people… and this is a people field. But, she loves the mechanics of it, the study of it, and this major otherwise checked the most boxes.

It took some time creating a lean and efficient 4-year road map because her class registration as a freshman wasn’t cut and dry. Credit earned during a summer program, her intended Study Abroad, and dual enrollment credit each created its own kink (not all of her D/E counts for anything, as I expected which is one reason why we limited dual enrollment. It’s not right for all kids, depends on what they are studying and where they are going). So, it took some time to iron it out. And, bonus! While there, Hg auditioned for consideration in one of Harding’s choral groups. She was placed as an Alto 2 with the Belle Canto, an all-women’s choir. Sadly, when she registered for classes, a pre-requisite class for her major is at the exact time as it practices. So, she will see if she can join next semester. She has been taking voice and sight-reading with Crystal Sexton in preparation for tryouts, so she was relieved and excited to have been put into a group. And, it wouldn’t be freshmen year without an 8am Bible class! Ha!

Abbey is on my radar now. I feel sorry for her sitting so innocent and unsuspecting on the couch reading her little book, not realizing what’s about to hit her. We have already been pairing up some as she began pursuing her Girl Scout Gold Award, so that is kind of easing her into my sites. I will begin putting college visits on our calendar for her starting next month and do it all over again. She is a little less indecisive than Hg and I'll know more of what I’m doing, so should go smoother except for our clash of personalities.

We are wrapping up our weekend with Vic’s birthday and father’s day, and a research paper due for me.


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