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Hearts of blue and mauve

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Dorm shopping, ugh! Pack up your room, put it in your car and go, right? Wrong. Shower caddies, bedside caddies, laundry caddies, cosmetic caddies, snack caddies, desk caddies, electronics caddies, medicine caddies, car supplies caddies!! She did opt for a shower caddy, seems practical in a shared shower situation.

College prep has been another great lesson in budgeting “need” verses “want" with a quick introductory to spreadsheet usage. I am an online shopper. I despise wasting time walking around, or even driving around looking for something that I hope I can find, when I can spend a few minutes in my chair, comparison shop, order it and have it come to me. This gives me so much more time to do things I need to be doing. But, the girls, they want to shop, and admittedly, there are some things that you need to see in person. So, I set aside a day for us to do a couple of things on their summer to-do list, including dorm shopping and getting our ears pierced.

Abbey had her ears done when she was little, but one hole had an issue, so we let them grow up. I also had mine pierced when I was young, and then second ones added when I was older. To have second holes in your ears was pushing the rebel line back then. I mostly wore loops, but when I had babies there were just too many little fingers jerking on them, either on purpose or accidentally. For several years, I punched through the holes on Mother’s Day, trying to keep them from totally disappearing. But, gave that up at some point, lost the couple of sets that I had, and the holes grew up. Hg has never had hers done, so we all three got punched, me double to cover-up the past. Ouch!

Thankfully, I did not say an ugly word in front of the girls when she shot me.

The rest of the day we spent dorm and school shopping. I am making fun of the fuss made in preparing dorm rooms, but when I went off to college in the fall of 1987, my mom crafted handmade matching quilts for my roommate and me for our dorm rooms and made a matching window valance. I have pictures, but can’t get to them right now. They were classic late 80’s Williamsburg Blue, mauve, and off-white, with hearts in the center of each quilt square. Reversed to add that extra special attention to detail. I’m pretty sure I still have mine. We also painted wood shelving to match, and bought a few towels to match. That’s all I remember. I’m pretty sure I carried my shampoo bottle in my arms when I went to the shower in the 2nd-floor hallway of A-Dorm at Florida College — 2nd floor A-Dorm rules!! Still! Yes! Even though it was condemned and razed, sigh. What a fun two years.

Hg didn’t finish her shopping, but we did all that we want to do in person. While we were gone, Caleb was hard at work doing… something, I don’t really know what. Vic has been sick the entire week, and quarantine with pneumonia. So, Caleb has been on his own working at building something or tearing something up, I can't really tell the difference. But, it has involved batteries, copper wire, tape, paper, wood, straws, and a variety of other things he found. Always disconcerting when I hear him in the other room say to himself, “Now, why would that be smoking….” I have no idea what he’s doing, I just hope it makes us rich one day.


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