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Eli's Well in 2020!

Twenty years ago, I was working as a public relations assistant at the utilities department as time turned over. Our company leaders had a real fear of the impending Y2K because of the (theoretical) implications to the power grid. Utilities crews and essential personnel were required to work New Year’s Eve just in case the city went black. Since I was in public relations, my boss had us work as well. He wanted us to be available to address the press as best we could in an apocalyptic situation. But, he felt bad about taking people from their families on such a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, so he ordered some party food and allowed us to each bring someone to the building. Vic had his guest photo ID made for the utilities department and we spent our last New Year’s Eve as DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) together at my work. It was a quiet New Year’s Eve listening to the police scanner as the century turned and the event was cooked up to be a nothingburger.

The last twenty years seems like a blur, like the gas pedal was on the floor. Eli’s diagnosis was nine years ago, which seems so impossible.

Cancer is of the devil, but I will forever be in awe of the good God can shape out of it.

A few months back I received an update about Eli’s Well. Most of you will remember that a generous person or people donated in Eli’s name to an organization that digs wells in African villages so that the villagers have access to fresh water. Eli’s Well began serving a village in the southern part of Zimbabwe in the state of Matabeleland in 2014. And, as wells often do, it has become a center for gathering and growth. A church building was constructed near it and now not only does Eli’s Well provide healthy, clean water to quench the physical bodies of people that would otherwise not have access, it has provided access to Living Water to quench spiritual souls and give them access to an eternal home with their creator. The well serves over 600 people and has never been dry, according to the organization representative. Knowing this well exists and the blessings it provides has always been so comforting for both Vic and me. Below is a letter written by one of the organization’s representatives to the benefactor which was shared with me:

I just wanted to get you an update on the impact that Eli’s Well is having. We rejoice that 20 people have been immersed into Christ in the last six months through Eli’s well. I got to witness one of those baptisms in late July when we had a campaign team doing a VBS once again out at Ntabazinduna. The congregation has really grown in the last few years with dynamic leaders, who have impacted the community by their planned good works. Good work like: clothes distribution and daily access to Eli’s well with not only the opportunity to collect water, but to also grow vegetables. The Sunday we were there over 150 were in attendance. Thank you once again for sharing the love of Christ with this part of Africa.

Please, know that whatever the devil hands you this year, God will create good from it. We can’t always know what that good is or to what extent is the impact, but we can be confident that it is happening or will happen. That’s really all you need to know anyway.

I am praying that you will be blessed in all ways that bring glory to God and comfort to you. Happy 2020!


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