Understanding Prayer and Faith

"... take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one," Ephesians 6:16

I have not been shy to interlace my posts with my Christian faith during Eli's journey, yet I am not confident in my religious scholastic to answer critical questions that might come up as we stand now at the mouth of the valley of the shadow with him. It weighs on me each day to think that the return of Eli's cancer could be a stumbling block for some because it is confusing to read very plainly that what you ask for in prayer will be given to you. We can't know why prayers are answered the way they are. As a parent, I know that sometimes I allow my children to endure things so that they are better prepared for what I know is coming later. They can't understand or comprehend this even if I explained it to them. Our relationship with our heavenly Father is no different. Evil was allowed into this perfect world after creation, so it rains "on the just and the unjust" Matthew 5:45. Only our heavenly Father, in his infinite wisdom and knowledge, can know what is best for us. I refuse to lose anyone to this evil. Standing on the other side of the valley, we will have added souls to God's army and will bring pain to our aggressor. I have solicited the help of one of our ministers to lead this charge. I am not comfortable just posting links to groups or people that I find from googling for this paramount and crucial topic. I wanted all the topics covered to come from one voice and from someone that you can contact and talk to personally if you want to. So, I am excited that Kyle Massengale has agreed to allow me to include him on my blog site. He will be available to anyone that has any questions and is open to covering any topics offered to him. He has a beautiful and compassionate heart. I will be linking to articles he has written that I hope will be helpful as you travel this stretch of our pilgrimage with us. Feel free to contact Kyle personally and privately if you'd like. His email is kyle@madisonchurch.org or please call the building at 256.772.3911.
The Search Begins - by Kyle Massengale
Hope Is... - by Kyle Massengale 

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