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“This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him,” 1 John 5:14-15
In almost four years of fighting, we have found ourselves neck-deep in a community of people who are living their lives inflicted with an evil called childhood cancer. I regularly hear of diagnoses and deaths now as a member of this community, so I wanted to dedicate a page to a prayer list of children because sadly I can’t keep up there are so many. I know that we need to be detailed in our requests to the Father, but because of the world we live in I am only listing first names in alphabetical order and without specific diagnoses, but they all have a form of cancer. Our omniscient Lord will know the rest. There are many such lists, but hopefully, this might fill in a crack. If you have a name to add, please post a comment or email me and I will add to the list then delete the post. Thank you for sharing and for your effort in making use of the most powerful tool God gave us.
Aaron; Abigail; Addie; Addyson; AJ; Alexis; Alison; Ally; Amanda; Amris; Amaya; Avery; Ayden; Baylee; Beth; Blake; Blake; Brandon; Brayden; Brittany; Caleb; Cara; Carter; Carver; Chandler; Chris; Conner; Collin; Daisy; Dalila; Daniel; Devon; Domonique; Drake; Dumon: Dylan; Eli; Emma; Emma Grace; Erik; Ethan; Felicia; Gabbi; Grant; Haley Anne; Halle; Hannah; Harvey; Heaven; Isaac; Jacob; Jace; Jaden; Jaiden; Jaimin; Jake; Jake; Jay; Jayden; Jazmine; Jerry; Jessica; Joaquin; Joey; Jonah; Jonathan; Joshua; Jordan; Julia; Kaleb; Karis; Kate; Katelyn; Kayla; Kendric; Kevin; Kendyll; Kosta; Laughlin; Laura; Leah; Liam; Lily; Logan; Lucas; Lukas; Lucy; Madi; Madeleine; Makenzey; Maisie; Matt: Matthew; Meg; Meaghan; Meera; Michaela; Mila; Mitchell; Mischa; Morgan; Myah; Nathan; Nita; Noah; Nolan; Paige; Quinn; Rachel; Raegan; Riley; Robert; Rory; Ruby; Sam; Sasha; Savannah; Seth; Shay; Steven; Sydney; Tanith; Thomas; Tomi; Townes; Uriah; Victoria; Wesley; Wiley; Will; Zach; Zachary;

Please, also remember these families in particular who have lost children to cancer:
Hunter's family, Wesley's family, Ryan's family, Krista's family, Kyra's family, Lane's family, Jay's family, Alivia's family, Jayden's family, Abigail's family, Deyana's family, Sam's family, Errhon's family, Aaron's family, Brittany's family; Swan's family, Jack's family; Angel's family; Kaylee's family, Thomas's family, Odie's family; Nolan's family; Brayden's family; Makayla's family, Baylee's family, Drew's family; Derick's family; Jake's family.

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