Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Eli’s birthday was Sunday. It was a bit of a tough day, as you can imagine, but it was such a busy weekend, I stayed pretty distracted. He is on my mind every second it seems like. We chose his two favorite places to eat lunch on Sunday. He loved to bring home KFC or Zaxby’s after church and watch a movie for lunch, so we did that. But, I am most excited about the party we are planning in honor of his birthday, and “The 12 days of Eli”, a Christmas campaign on the Facebook page whereby we each do a specific good deed each day in memory of Eli. We started on Sunday, on his birthday,(jump in any time). As part of that, and in memory of Eli for his birthday we have a special party planned for Friday, so read on….

Eli loved going to the movies. He loved to be entertained, and part of it was a little bit of an escape, I think, but also, everyone is equal in a movie theater. No one throws better, runs faster, etc, when watching a movie together. So, the last few birthdays were going to a movie with friends. For his last birthday, the Space and Rocket Center hosted it so that he and his friends could see Star Wars together. So, in honor of his birthday, we are buying out our local movie theater for one showing and have invited the kids of the Boys and Girls Club to fill the seats.

And there just aren't words for how special you guys are, really. I am so thankful for this distraction of celebrating Eli's birthday in such a positive way, I hope I hold it together Friday. We have almost $1500 so far for Eli's birthday movie on Friday for the Boys & Girls Club. I don't know how many kids are coming yet, but the theater seats 176 (the movie is showing in their biggest house of course!). That's a lot of kids, so I don't know if the Club has enough chaperones that they could bring that many, but I will also be inviting the local cancer kids if they don't, and we will get close. So, we will see, we may fill it up yet. A girl scout troop is signed up to distribute the popcorn, help keep that orderly, so that the theater won't hate us and we can do it every year. It's really going to be so special, whether those kids know it or not.

If you would like to participate in this gift, purchase a ticket and small snack for a Boys and Girls Club kid, this would be a great way to remember Eli, and help a kid that might not ordinarily get to go to the movies. We might even see if we can serve a little birthday cake in the parking lot if the weather is nice. The B&G Club director has requested to see the movie Wonder, so we’ve got that set up. It’s $10 per kid (which is the ticket and the snack). We could use some help with this, so If you would like to help and get double-bang for your good deed - honor Eli, make a kid smile - send $10 to my paypal at Anything over the amount we need will be a donation to the club.

(The rest is chatter): It's been jam-packed the last few days. I was on a school trip with Abbey for a regional robotics competition in Fort Smith, Arkansas from Thursday to midnight Saturday. We stopped at Target House in Memphis to drop off some video games, and then enjoyed the robotics experience. It was really neat, I was impressed with all the schools, and was impressed with the
 activity/event as well. Abbey and I drove to Fort Smith, instead of riding the bus, so we made that stop at Memphis, and she and I drover over into Oklahoma, just so she could say she had been to Oklahoma. Hit the ground running at home on Sunday with worship, then we celebrated Eli's birthday as a family, then a retirement tea for a very special teacher who was also my fourth-grade teacher as well as for my girls, then a Mustang Club party. Continued craziness on Monday with prep for the benefit dinner next week; getting mailboxes ready for all the local schools to mail Santa letters (this is something we do to participate in the Macy's campaign to raise money for Make-A-Wish. Macy's donates $1 for every letter, so we collect letters and deliver them to the store. Our goal is 10,000 letters this year.); the little charity mustang that has been restored for us to auction was backed into by a customer at the business where it was sitting for viewing. Not bad, but $600 worth of damage, and now it's back at the shop which delays getting it advertised, so I had to deal with that on Monday; had to shop for something to wear to the dinner and to a couple of job interviews that I had (scratch my eyeballs out!); Tuesday I had two job interviews, wrote a couple of articles for local media and did an interview about the dinner for one outlet, and delivered tablecloths for ironing; then Vic's company Christmas party. So, that brings us to today, which is all about me sitting at home on the computer for benefit dinner prep tasks and cranking it out.... oh, and finishing plans for Eli's party ... oh, and store returns... oh, and basketball practice for Caleb.... oh, and getting food to give to the youth group Christmas party.... oh, and talking to insurance about the charity car... oh, and the list still goes on, ha! If you could see the house right now, you would be like "oh,, no, no."

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