Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 15th
Thought I'd do a quick post. Eli has been having a rough few days. He had a really good day on
Tuesday, his blood work looked really good for him, he went to VBS
again, seemed really good, actually, very good. But, Wednesday he woke up and told me he felt like he might have had a short, mild seizure in the bed, but what he described didn't sound like it. But, he was very tired all day, wouldn't get off the couch, or eat but just a few bites, unsteady on his feet, trouble talking, concentrating, so that made it seem possible (and since blood work on Tuesday revealed that the level of chemo he is taking is not at "therapeutic levels," the cancer would be continuing to progress, causing symptoms). That continued Thursday, with a hair improvement, and into Friday, with a little more improvement. We had our summer car show today, and I didn't expect him to come, but he perked up, Vic said, and wanted to come. He did not stay long, it was
 unbelievably hot, ( I mean sweltering, so much so that I have basically been sick from exhaustion and the heat tonight, but I am a wimp, don't really do anything but sit on the couch and make Eli take drinks), and we used the wheelchair for him to look at the cars. He seemed pretty decent tonight, ate better, went to Wal-mart, too. He'll have blood work again on Tuesday to check the level of the chemo in his body, hoping we've reached enough to be doing something if it's going to.

July 20th
Not much going on. Eli is still not quite himself, but nothing extreme. Very tired, unsteady walking, but he's talking, playing video games, eating something. He has a dull mild pain behind one of his ears that I'm sure is from progression, and that is the first time ever, in almost six years that he has ever 
mentioned a pain from the lesions, and he is hiccuping a lot (which is a neurological response, probably due to increase of the lesions). I was really hoping to hear from the testing that was done on the tumor tissue this week, so crossing my fingers that that reveals something useful. His blood work has been just ok, but he hasn't needed any transfusions, so that's good. He felt like going to a Mustang Club meeting on Tuesday, he likes the restaurant, which is funny because he literally gets plain spaghetti noodles with melted mozzarella on top, the exact same thing that he gets at home probably three times a week.
I am overwhelmed with preparation for our next big event(s) that is part of childhood cancer month. We are having a rally at the courthouse here in Athens, and going to host a Walk/Run in honor of the 46 kids diagnosed each day, then the county is turning the lights gold on the courthouse for childhood cancer month. So, put a team together and join us for the Walk. That first week of September, plan to do
 something Superhero-ish to recognize childhood cancer at your business or school. Then Superhero Fun Day and Family Expo is September 9th. If you are in the area, consider hosting a kids activity booth to promote your business or organization or church. We have lots of fun things this year, adding Farmers to our Community Heroes section, and some new contests for fun, like the kids activity booth competition, lego vehicle building competition, Art contest, parade vehicle contest, costume contest, lots of ways to help make it a great day. And, we are always looking for sponsors. You can check everything out at our foundation's website,
Something that's been fun, and that I shouldn't even announce yet, but I think it is so cool, I'm really excited about it and am even considering dumping everything else we do and only doing this. It's a little program that we are calling Eli's Pony Pride. We want to "rescue" a Ford Mustang each year, one that's been given up on, and restore it and put it back on the road. We think this is a perfect way to honor Eli, and promote his love of the Mustang. Our first car was donated earlier this year, and should be ready by the end of August. We will start accepting bids for it then, announcing the winning bid December 14th at our benefit dinner. It's a little 2004, 3.9L V6 35th anniversary Mustang. It's a great car for somebody who loves Mustangs, but maybe doesn't want the big engine that uses a lot of gas and makes insurance high. We need sponsors for the work on it, going to have a sign to display with it. Let me know if there are any Mustang lovers that would like to participate in this program.

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