Monday, May 1, 2017

Whose platelets were 95K on Friday so that he started his chemo on Saturday, and won a "Sponsor's Pick" medal at a car show, you ask? This guy!! Eli finally started the one chemo and the experimental medicine on Saturday, and he seems to be doing great. I am, of course, fearful of what the cancer was doing while it was out from under our thumb, but I heard him singing to the Spongebob theme song while watching TV (this was on Friday before chemo), and he has been playing outside some, so I am glad to get to chemo today without any visible or obvious set-backs to his quality of life. I don't think it should make him very sick, if at all, but there can be a bladder issue if we don't stay on top of the hydration. Age-wise, he will move up to the youth group at church, and I can't believe it! Mature-wise (and
 physically), he is stuck at about 9 or 10 years old. Some of that would be cognitive from treatment, but equally due to spending his time at home and in hospitals as opposed to in school with friends his own age, and also just to his personality. I think if he had grown into a healthy 12yo, he would be more immature than others his age, anyway. So, that is compounded by all that he has endured, in the atmosphere that he endured it.

He took his car to a car show Saturday, and one of the sponsors gave him one of the sponsor medals for his car, so he was very proud of that. His car gets lots of looks, so that is fun (for all of us!). I hope, hope, hope, we have a slow week, and don't have to go to the clinic so much now.

Prayer has always been our biggest weapon, an we are so thankful for so many soldiers that wield it on Eli's behalf. Thank you for your diligence!

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