Sunday, April 2, 2017

I am at home with Eli again on a Sunday morning. His immune system is still too low to go anywhere, so he’s got a couple of lego boxes lined up to keep himself busy while the other three are busy with school, and other activities. I guess it’s been “a month-a-Sundays” since we’ve been to worship as a family. He had bloodwork done on Wednesday, and his platelets were on the rise, then again on Friday and they had decreased! What?! We were sitting on ready to start the next cycle, chemo in hand. I guess on Wednesday, he still had the benefit of the transfusion from the Friday before. But the most significant news out of that is that protocol dictates that with such a long of delay starting the next cycle, all medicine be stopped until his body can recover on its own. The chemo was stopped about a month ago, but now he is not even on the experimental medicine (which was not an anti-tumor drug anyway, it is a immune response stimulation drug). And, sadly, I noticed a new bruise on his lower leg, so I’m afraid at his check tomorrow, his platelets may be even lower than Friday. The plan this time is that he receive transfusions at UAB because the blood products are washed and matched. So, that will be a new one for us if he does indeed need a transfusion tomorrow. I was just in Birmingham on Thursday. I got to go with my oldest daughter to a school club convention. I am not usually available to go to
 things like that with my other kids, and she is actually interested in me going to things with her, so I was glad that I was able to go. Though at times with superficial things, she can be exasperating, frustrating and intense, and talks way too much, she is still so funny, not always meaning to be, and not always socially-smooth, but she has her own sense of humor, and is a good sport. But, she is mostly compassionate, and conscientious, and she shames me in so many ways. I would like to take credit for that, or even some of it, but the truth is, Hg has been independent since she was a toddler. She has always drawn her own conclusions, analyzed her own experiences, cut her own path, and then applied those lessons to her own young life at her own discretion. She has never sought the approval of any human, ever. Even as a little girl she couldn’t care less what we thought about her behavior, her grades, or effort in anything (and let me tell you, that is scary, because it could go either way). Not consciously, and if I said that to her, she would look at me in bewilderment, because for her that is just her personality. Her mind is too busy trying to be who and what and how she thinks she should be, she doesn’t have time or brainpower to worry about what others think of her. Although she does look for cues from her teachers that she is on the right path because she is self-aware about her naivety, and perplexity. She loves to laugh, and have fun, and doesn’t base any interest or pursuit of her own on the dictates of social acceptance. However, she desires to be understanding, and sympathetic, and knowledgeable in things outside her own interests in order to be a good friend and conversationalist with others. She is sweet in demeanor, repelled by social drama, and is mentally strong, able to understand that her worth is measured only by God her Father, and not by immature peers. She is an
Can you see the blue in the wheels? I can only catch it in
pictures when the sun is shining on it just right. Eli and Vic
shined it up for a Saturday afternoon drive.
 adamant follower of Christ, and a student of the Bible at her own effort and drive, and I guess that is what shames me the most. Even with all of her crazy, frustrating ways, I think she must be the most genuine in attitude and personality of anyone I’ve ever known. So, that’s my Hg, sorry that I got off on a tangent. Despite Eli’s numbers, he is having very good days. He feels really good, was a big help cleaning the house yesterday, taking on the heavy vacuum for the Mustang Room, and then doing several other cleaning and dusting duties right along with everybody else. Even though he couldn’t get out, like to a car show or anything, they shined up the Mustang and went for a ride yesterday. Other than that, he goes to clinic, and home. Thank you for the prayers right now, as Eli’s cancer is surely growing without being beaten down by something.

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