Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Not much as been going on with Eli these last few weeks… and that’s a good thing! So, I gave you a little break from us, ha! We will be going to Augusta on Thursday for an important MRI… well, they are all important, but we are expecting this one to show some progression, which will change his chemo to a much harsher cocktail. Although, he has been doing exceptionally well, to me, for a kid that is carrying around fatal disease tissue in his brain. He has been playful, and engaged. This weekend, we went to a large car show in Birmingham, then over to the mall to see a Lego exhibit (that was spread out in the mall, not conveniently located in one place), and he walked the entirety of the day without complaint. He does some school on his own now, and has been reading a book on his own for a book report for school. He’s even eating just a little faster, ha! So, I know that reality tells me this next scan will show progression, because it just makes sense that it would based on the direction of the disease recently. But, even after all these years of re-routes, and obstacles, and closed doors, and enlightenment to the situation as supported by world-renown physicians, I still closely guard a little flame of hope that he will defy reality.

My days are fragmented, but consumed with kids’s stuff, or non-profit stuff, or brain cancer trial enrollment news (just trying to keep up) or mustang stuff, since Eli’s car is getting a cosmetic make-over, and because we are excited to have received a 2004 mustang for our non-profit to fix up, then auction off. So, I’ve been trying to learn about modifications for it, looking for sponsors for the car (if you are part of a mustang club, or love mustangs, be a part of this renovation and sponsor the effort!). Eli’s car show is May 20th here, and we expect that the one in Michigan will be set for early summer, then hoping for one in Muscle Shoals in August, then for September, childhood cancer month, we will be adding a car show to Superhero Day, and we are expecting one in Huntsville. So, we are working hard at laying a strong foundation for the Foundation so that it can get better, and better at raising money to support innovative, out-of-the-box research for pediatric brain cancer. If you would be interested in putting together a team, and hosting a car show in your community, let me know.

I will keep you updated on Friday as soon as I am able. Thank you for continuing the prayers or Eli. I know the battle has been long, and intense, but thank you for sticking with it.

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