Saturday, January 28, 2017

It's been a slow week... how awesome is that? Eli recovered from whatever weird sneezing/sinus issue he had in Augusta, which I will contribute to allergies, just because he got over it as soon as we got home. Augusta had green grass already, so that's another reason why I'm striking it up to that. However, Hg, and Caleb have been fighting something extremely snot-forward this week, like for several days and counting, although they never ran a fever, and now Eli is thinking he might be feeling something coming on (but I think it is a ploy because he stayed home from church last week because he started chemo and had some bathroom issues, and it makes him a little nervous to go to class. So, I think he was priming me for tomorrow morning). Today was my birthday. The kids love to play a game I call "Who are we shocked is older than mama." Yep, if I ever need a confidence shot, I know who NOT to talk to in my house. It's a
tough life around here for the gray-headed and over-weight, but thanks to them I've grown some pretty tough skin.... wrinkly, dry, and tough skin. But, it was a pretty easy day, video games, steak dinner, ice cream, and a perusal of Books-A-Million. Eli had a little bit of a rough day in attitude. We had nothing planned for today, an open date on our calendar. He sees that as an opportunity to go shopping for lego sets, and he has gotten absolutely awful about just wanting to go and buy something when he is bored. Not what we want any of the kids to get used to doing. So, he was pretty pitiful on and off today, as he tried to manipulate us with his whimpering, and deep sighs, but he just had to get over it. The kids' first Sibling Survival Sacks are set to ship out Monday, so we have been working on that this week. And, Caleb is getting an oral appliance next week, which is painful from a
 couple of angles. We are also getting ready to give Eli's mustang a little facade makeover. The stripes were cracking, and needed replacing, so we thought this would be a great time for Eli to have a heavy-hand in the look of the Mustang. Eli, like most kids, is very visually driven. How a car looks determines if he likes it or not. So, we have wanted the car to reflect his wishes, and this is a good opportunity to do those changes, and just in time for us to start filling up our calendar with car shows that we want to take it to. So, we have been distracted with that design, and color choices for a while. Hoping to have it completed in about three weeks, or less. Before we go to the next scan, would be perfect, so crossing my fingers. So, Eli is right along with everything we have been busy with, meetings, appointments, school, even did a little on his own one day, which is very big for him. I haven't noticed any signs of tumor progression or anything (doesn't mean there is not, or that there is, just means we've had good days), so although I hate to think about just check-marking another week, I am also very glad to get through another week seemingly symptom-free. Your prayers are holding us up, so don't let up.

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