Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas from Eli the Eliminator, and his family that loves you so much! We had a
wonderfully laid back couple of days to enjoy Christmas without any stress or requirements. We traditionally meet with my sister's family and mom on Christmas Eve, so this was our first Christmas without mom, whom you might remember passed away while Eli and I were in Augusta in March. After gifts with each other, the kids made goodie bags with "old lady stuff", ha!, and we took the afternoon and visited some of her widow friends, and two sisters. Then, wow! I had so much help with my Santa duties. I was done before midnight for the first time in over a decade. Even Vic was wrapping until we were done. He's always put together a play kitchen or the Barbie Jeep, then called it a night, but to have him and the girls both
volunteer to wrap until we were done, wow, that's what I call Merry Christmas to me! After enjoying a special worship service Sunday morning, we enjoyed the rest of the day playing and/or relaxing, mostly the girls I relaxing, and mostly Vic and the boys playing - doing legoes, tromping in the woods with a metal detector, practicing with a video drone, shooting nerf guns, and logging lots of hours of video gaming, which has all continued today. Eli wrapped up his chemo last night for this cycle, and he is doing very well. I've said many times, and I'll say it again, we enjoy the blessing of denial, and Eli's quality of life makes it so easy. Thank you all for remembering us at this time.
Eli drew Vic's name for our Secret Santa, and got headlight covers for the Mustang.

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