Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This "Wimpy Kid" (his shirt) just walked out of Le Bonheur like a boss with (technically, until the next MRI shows otherwise) only two
tumors, and they are stable. Take that, cancer! We are headed home after a "quick" check at St Jude, and to pick up meds. Every little grunt, or facial twitch, or sway, I would say, "are you okay?" He took in a deep sigh, and said, "Mama, you are so worried, I'm fine, you are driving me crazy." He wrote his name for OT, and that looks about normal for him. He has bandaids on every finger,
covering multiple sticks, from the sodium checks hindering his video-gaming some, but he is finding a way. I can't come close to thanking each of you enough for rallying in prayer for him.

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