Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm sorry to "update" again so soon, but I wanted you all to see these pictures before you go to worship services, so that you can include prays of thanks to Eli's Creator for guarding him, and carrying him in his hand as the Evil One preys on him and us. Eli has been barely communicable since during the night Wednesday, and was basically sedated with anti-seizure medications since yesterday morning. He sort of "woke-up" about 3 a.m. today. And there are not many things that I will get up at 3 a.m. for, (I've stayed up until 3 a.m. many times - no, it's not important why or when - but wake up at 3 a.m.? nope), but when I could see that he was beginning to stir as the nurses did their check, you better believe I was on my feet, soaking up any attention he offered. He slowly became
fully alert, and then Vic got up, so we took advantage of this time with him. He talked, and smiled, asked to see the things I had gotten him, and to watch the Looney Tunes DVD (as long as they were the old ones). He and Vic joked back and forth about transformers, and reminisced about some lego scenario that had played at home. He said (in his slower, slurred pattern because he does not have full control of the left side of his mouth) "Mama, when do you think I will get to go home, because, ya know, I've been doing pretty well. I actually feel fine." He said this to me, in an ICU bed, wearing a seizure-measuring cap, hooked up to all kinds of monitors, a urination catheter, with bruises all over his arms, hands and feet from venous sticks, a bandaid on every finger from pokes, unable to control the upper left side of his body. I think I have a harder time holding back tears of joy and thanksgiving, than I do tears of fear (mostly, I think, because I do not like to think that the devil can affect me, nor do I want him to know that he can). This is such a far cry from him mumbling in distress over and over to me on Thursday that he doesn't "feel normal", and "something's not right." Tonight, he also asked me if I thought his siblings asked about him, and if I thought the cafeteria made pop-tarts for breakfast. He can't eat pop-tarts yet, but just to ask about food is a big step for him, too. He, of course, has a very long way to go on all fronts despite his personal opinion. So, that is what the night offered me tonight, and I feel guilty for bad-mouthing it. Eli could take a turn either way at any time, too, so along with your prayers of thanks, please, include that we want this trend to continue.
(I put the watermarks on these pictures because I know that many of you share my posts, which I am so appreciative of, and want you to keep doing, because we want as many prayers as we can get going up for Eli, but, sadly, there are evil people that will copy a picture of children in hospital beds that look like they are in an imminent health crisis (like this one with Eli wearing the cap), and use it to their gain by creating fake fundraising efforts. So, I try to limit pictures of him in hospital beds, or only share pictures that might not be so easy to manipulate, like of him smiling, or like the other night when he was asleep, but Vic was on his phone. Scenes that show what we are up to for your benefit, but that would be harder to take advantage of by a malicious deviant.)

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