Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here’s another Eli Blue Day photo! Look at this guy! Thank you for your prayer effort this past week, this is the result of it.

He told me he had had a tiring day, and you can see it in his smile here, but how wonderful he looks, and the progress is remarkable. He was using his arms to adjust himself in the bed, and even feeding himself with his left hand some (he is left handed, but that was the arm that would not work at all earlier), and even walked a little. His face is almost symmetrical now, and his vision seems to be improving, too. It’s all still very slow, and weak, still a little shaky, but he is doing it. He was moved to a regular room, and taken off all wires, and tubing. We brought him his favorite Zaxby’s chicken, and he ate one finger, and a handful of fries, but he warned me that he would probably need a snack later.

Dr. Klimo came by, the neurosurgeon who is in charge of him, and asked him when he wanted to go home. “I think tomorrow will be fine,” he spoke up to say. I told him later that I was
nervous to go home tomorrow, because I’m not a nurse, and I want him to be as well as he can be before I am in charge of him again. He said, “Mama, we have a trusted St. Jude affiliate at home, it will be fine.” Don’t know if that will happen because they are still monitoring his sodium levels, but if bloodwork is the only thing holding us back, then we probably will.

So, thankful to have nothing else to report! We have so much enjoyed all the pictures of you all in blue, and the doggies! It has been fun to see the faces behind the comments, and for Eli to see the love.

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