Monday, October 17, 2016

He passed the test!! Eli passed the swallow test, and he ate some of a pop-tart today.
Wow, the swing of emotions over such a sort period of time has just zapped me. Again, I say, why do I not have ulcers. He also sat in a chair, stood up for a moment, and tried to use his left hand to play a video game. He called me, and told me that the OT lady said for him to do legos to help his motor skills, so I needed to get him a set to bring back. Ha! I can tell from his voice that he is still struggling with his mouth, and the doctor said that he definitely had vision issues on the left side. But, still, please, please, let us stay on this track. I will head back tomorrow (Tuesday), and am bringing Abbey and Caleb with me to see him. I think he could really use that taste of home. He has been very sad about being away from home. Vic tried to come home yesterday (instead of me), but Eli cried so hard, and got so sad. I texted him and told him he had to turn around to come back. Eli's brain is just too fragile, I didn't want to rock the boat. So, during that crying, he got really sad about home, and that he was never going to be well enough to go home. I told him that Vic was coming back. So, he settled a bit, but was still sad about home. I had had his bed up high doing something with him, and I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom, but that I was going to leave it up. I was trying to joke with him, and I said, "Now, I'm going to leave it up, don't jump out of it while I'm gone because
you will get me in trouble." His bottom lip poked out, and he started whimpering, "Mama, that's not funny, you know I would not be able to jump any where." And, he started crying....... awh, man! Too soon. I felt so bad! Anyway, Vic came back, so I left without any resistance... yep. When I talked to him today, I asked if he wanted me to bring Abbey, and Caleb, or did he like getting all the attention. He said (in his slow little kid voice), "Well, I don't care either way. But, I did not sleep so good last night, and I think it was because I was thinking about them." So, I thought I would take them for a day, and maybe Vic can bring them back the next day. Tomorrow is Eli Blue Day! If you have something royal blue, wear it tomorrow (Tuesday), and take a selfie to send him.

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