Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Eli is back in the room, and most importantly he said, "Mama"! He is doing exceptionally well. They even skipped ICU, and brought him straight back to a regular room. The surgery went really well, and
One of the incisions.
 it only took four hours, total - that's from when we leave him until we see him, so that was better than expected (they thought five to six, which is seven hours from leave him to see him). The surgeon said each tumor was sitting right on top, so very easy and fast to get, and very non-invasive as far as potential deficits. The bigger one, though, he said he had to bring in a microscope to distinguish disease tissue from healthy tissue, and to make sure he got it all. That amazes me, because I have this picture in my mind that cancer is this flaming, yucky, blobby, stuff, but sounds like it's not always so obvious when they get in there. The smaller tumor was encased in a cerebral spinal fluid bubble, so it popped right out. A couple of other things went smoothly, and really cut the time back. He is sewn up with disposable sutures, and glue, so no staples, yay! He is grumpy, but he is talking, answering questions, swallowing, moving around. He's beautiful!

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