Thursday, October 6, 2016

Eli and I will be leaving for Memphis about lunch time today for an appointment at St. Jude tomorrow morning. This is just a formality for surgery clearance for next week's event. We will be back late Friday night, then leave again
Monday afternoon for Memphis for him to be ready for a Tuesday morning admittance to LaBonheur for surgery prep (he will have an MRI), then the surgery will begin early Wednesday morning. It will be a five to six hour surgery, with his skull opened in two places (unless the MRI changes that plan) and if all goes well, he will stay in the hospital about five days, and be back home Sunday night with only two tumors left. I had two field trips yesterday, Caleb had one at a pumpkin patch, and Abbey and Eli had been invited to go with a group to see replicas of the
Nina and the Pinta. Thankful for so many friends that help me limit the events that I miss with my kids because I'm gone with Eli so much, and help me make the events that I can make.

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