Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A rare shot of the full set in its natural behavior and environment.
Eli had an end-of-cycle check-up in Augusta at the end of July. We took everyone with us, so that we could hit the Atlanta aquarium on the way home as kind of an end-of-summer activity. Wow, at downtown Atlanta that Saturday. Nowhere I want to go back to real soon... this decade. The aquarium was overflowing. I've been in crowds, big football games, big concerts, but once everybody got where they needed to be, it was settled. But not this place. There was still such a line at 5:30 ET, I think they must have been holding it, because they had to be at capacity. We were getting run over in the big open common area. You could hardly even find wall space to move to out of the way. I had to ask adults,
who stood right up at a window, or a tank, if the boys could scooch in front of them, so they could see things, letting the adults still see over them. We kept such a grip on the boys, too, so not really a relaxing trip for me or Vic. The kids seemed satisfied, and there was a gift shop at the end, so I'm counted it a success, and checked it off our summer list (a couple of the kids had the McWane Center, or an aquarium on their list). What I did see of it, was really neat.

Eli had a good check-up. His numbers were great, so he actually started on time with the chemo. He hit 80 pounds, and they show he grew an
 inch, but that measurement method is so error-prone. He has shrunk a couple of times, too, so I don't put a lot of stock in it. I haven't noticed
that he is taller. So, that was it for the appointment. We wrapped up and headed out.

We quickly stopped at "Stan and Olie's Fine Mess Museum" in Harlem, GA for me to show Vic and Caleb the wood cars and train this guy was making. If you remember, it's just a workshop behind this guy's house. Then we headed south of Atlanta on Friday to Summit Performance
Voting on puppy stuff... always a decenter.
Auto Parts. Caleb was very impressed that there are only three in the country, and "we are walking on the floor of one." Vic bought a part for the mustang, I bought us shirts, and me and Caleb a Summit Hot Wheels. Then we hit Toys R Us for the boys, Kohl's for the
Spending summer earnings.
girls. We wanted ice cream after, but Vic was driving, and we were lost. He got pulled over by a cop because of his erratic driving. The kids got a kick out of him getting pulled over and not me. 

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks wrapping up our summer bucket list, then getting two started in school, shopping for those things, and the childhood cancer event, Superhero Day, is
bearing down on me. We've been to a car show, but Eli's mustang is still being fine tuned from the supercharger installation. Plus, we are expecting the kids' puppy to be here August 27th, so we've been trying to prepare for that, getting her room ready. We've been wrapping up the back yard work with the sidewalk, too, so lots, and lots of normal things going on.

I hate to talk about this too soon, but I am just bursting with thankfulness, and awe that Eli will be starting school. He had his school orientation today, so it is on my mind so much. I should wait until
His favorite of the whole show, tow truck and all.
he actually starts school, but I never thought I would ever enroll him in school ever again. He is excited, and only I can really tell it, but he knows he is supposed to be in school, he wants to identify with a school, and he wants to do what everybody else is doing. He will be a student through the public school system with an online school that also meets as needed with a teacher, and he qualifies for special education needs, as well. He and Abbey will be attending the school, I think I've mentioned before, but they will start next week. Two days after he starts, we head to Augusta for the next MRI. So, it is going to be a heavy week next week.

Please, remember the family of a little three-year-old named Kiki, who passed away at the end of July. And a teen from home that has rhabdomyosarcoma found out that it is growing. Leah is trying
an experimental medicine, so we pray it does something. Thank you for remembering them, Eli, and for praying for research.

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