Friday, July 1, 2016

It’s been a busy week, and nothing of real interest going on, except that we are cherishing the normalcy of our days. Our trip to Augusta was quick, and Eli did not meet his counts to begin cycle three on Friday. But, he did on Tuesday, so he started TMZ Wednesday, which runs five nights. So, a little more than a week delay this time, which is better than the two, but barely. He has been doing really well. I think the lower dose of
TMZ is working better as far as symptoms with his belly.

Believe it or not, this was our first full week at home this summer where no one had any camp, or trip, or appointments. So, all kids at home this week. We got in a good week of chores and fun… mostly chores because we are reserving some of the fun for Monday. Eli has been right in there with them all, at his level, but he is engaged in what everyone is doing, is mostly interested in accomplishing goals that I have for him, and that he has set out for himself (like saving money to buy a lego set, instead of spending it every
time we go to the store. And like turning in Bible work that he has missed because he was gone for so long this year in order to collect as many points as he can to reach a certain goal in the class). He, (and the others) has done pretty well keeping his summer log book up to date with his chores, which is a big deal for him.

We have continued our outdoor sprucing up; painting the playground equipment, some rockers, the mailbox, our neighbor’s mailbox, an old wagon wheel that belonged to my great grandfather… I think just one great back. I may have written this before, but just in case not, I’ll share again. While in Houston, I joined So. Much. Fun. And, I want to rejoin at some point. I read an excerpt out of a book that gave a brief tale
about Mr. Sharp. Said he was a big man, (not a surprise), and he did not use horses to pull his wagon, he used oxen. The narrator said that you could tell it was Mr. Sharp coming to town from far off because you could see his oxen. And, if anyone ever got stuck in a ditch or a creek, they would get Mr. Sharp and his oxen to pull them out. I don’t know if this wheel is off his wagon, but it’s fun to think that it is, and I know it is from that side of the family even though it was a favorite of mom’s. When she moved to her townhouse, we tried to use it in the front, like run some vine flower up it

We are also knocking off some of the fun items on the kids’ summer bucket list, and made it to the pool one day, got the blow-up out again, bought a new movie, bought tickets to see Dory on Monday,
had a friend over. The summer is flying by, and their list still has quite a bit on it, and so does mine!

I think I’ve mentioned that we are actively seeking a puppy/dog. Ugh! That is a big one on the summer bucket list, so we went to a shelter this week, but didn’t connect with anything, except the kittens. I am very allergic to cats, and I don’t like them, so we did not bring anything home. A vet friend is helping us, but we’ve got six people to satisfy, so it may take a while.

Happy Fourth to everyone!

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