Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father’s Day! High fives, fist bumps, and big hugs to all the precious daddies that put their families first, and choose the unselfish path by anchoring themselves as the cornerstone on which their family is built. The rest of us just pile on top, and try to stay in place, but without that strong foundation, fortified with responsibility and accountability, we would have little chance of building anything of worth.

Eli has been feeling pretty good this week, in general. Still is struggling with sporadic tummy issues. We had plans to go to Nashville to a monster truck show Saturday, and I was really worried that we might have a repeat of our Memorial Day

balloon festival and not make it, but I at least learned from that, that it was kind of becoming a regular thing and I should go back to being prepared. Other than that, he seems a little tired, his platelets were acceptable Friday, but the numbers were trending down, and it’s time for that. We are scheduled to go back to Augusta on Friday for the routine pre-cycle check, and approval, but if his counts have not recovered by then, I bet they delay it again. We had such a big delay last cycle, we are hoping that the adjustment in dosage of the TMZ would prevent that, so cross your fingers. We want to keep pounding on that evil cancer!

So, we did make it to Nashville, and the boys were thrilled, but especially Eli. He has been a Grave Digger fan for a very long time. In fact when he was first whisked away to Memphis, I came back

after a couple of days to pack clothes, and took the girls out to buy him a gift, and they got him a Grave Digger shirt, which he wore Saturday. And, he has also become a fan of Son-Uva Digger. This show was with all the actual, big drivers, too, not just the trainees, or understudies. So, Eli got to meet Dennis Anderson, and Ryan Anderson, plus Maximum Destruction, which is another one that has been around a while. Caleb likes Son-Uva, Hot Wheels, and Soldier Fortune. This was at the Titan stadium, with the autograph sessions outside in the parking lot, so it was incredibly hot, scorching. But, the boys didn’t really complain about it, then it rained after we got in the stadium, and soaked us, so then we got cold. Still no real complaints. It was a very long day, but they had a lot of fun. I’m not a monster truck fan, but I did enjoy this show more than I have what comes to Huntsville. This was actual Monster Jam title
 racing. Son-Uva won the timed race, and Hot Wheels won free-style.

The girls have been at Bible camp for the latter half of the week, and the boys and I became a little lax after they left. Next week Hg is taking a girls welding class at the local community college, and I have sanding and painting on the docket for the rest of us. Bruce will be vanishing back into the shop for his supercharger. I attended Emma’s funeral on Saturday, and it was sweet, just like she was. We are hoping for a great turn-out on Tuesday for the Cruise-In to help raise some funds for her family, so that also is scheduled for next week. Remember, Emma’s dad, Michael, today.

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