Monday, May 16, 2016

Quick, post to let y'all know I haven't forgotten you! We had our FUNdraiser yesterday, "Eli's Block Party". The cars bring the "Blocks", and the rest of us bring the "Party." Eli did so great, just wonderful. He was there the entire day, and walked up and down, around. Asked to come here for pictures, over there to sign something, with only normal 11yo complaints about it. He was so tired, though, when we got home, he had a little second wind, but I knew he was ready for PJs, bath, and video games on the couch. When offered, he did not fight about it - but who would! We think, at our peak, we had about 150 cars, counting a Sheriff's deputy that was pulling in to meet his family. I asked him if he minded if people looked at his SUV, he said, no, he didn't reckon, so I parked him in the show area. We saw him over
Hand-painted by a FB friend in Arkansas to be a clone of Bruce.

Eli's Top Choice for the car show.
there with all the doors open, the back up, showing it to some people. Ha! It counts! The wind was brutal, at least one vendor went home because of it, and it did make staying organized at registration a little hairy, but our awesome volunteers handle it all with grace, and fun attitudes. We were so excited to meet George Hardy and his wife (I've lost her name at the moment), who is the neighbor to Gale Halderman (the designer of the Mustang that we went to see) that helped set us up for the trip to meet Mr. Halderman. They came all the way from Tipp City Ohio, which is north of Dayton, just for the car show. We needed a farthest traveled award! We (Team Victory 4 All, go like our page) had lots of fun stuff in addition to some absolutely gorgeous cars, I mean, just fabulous. Eli had to pick a favorite, and this is the first time he struggled. I think it was just overwhelming b/c you walk past one beautiful one, and think wow, then to the next one, and think wow, and it was so hard for anything to stand out. In the end, he picked a huge, monster-truck type F-250. He has always loved the F-series trucks, as long as he has the mustang, and, unless Vic scrunches his nose up at it, when Big Sam finally blows up, I will likely try to get one of the six-seater F-150's to replace it because we can't all fit in a mustang, but we can in that, plus we
 don't have a truck any more b/c we got rid of it for the mustang. But, for right now, Big Sam is going strong, less than 2k away from the big 300. I told the kids a trip to south Florida and back would do it. Anyway, a little about Eli: He was supposed to go to Augusta tonight, but his platelets dropped again, so he had to get an infusion on Friday (yes, amidst all the craziness in getting ready for the car show, cancer doesn't care what you've got going on), and he can't start the next round of chemo that was scheduled for Monday. So, they told us to wait and come Friday. So, prayers that this delay in the chemo is no biggie. We got to meet the other medullo on the trial, which happens to be from the Huntsville area, so that was really neat. I think he is number six, and Eli is number two. I've got a lot of catch-up to do around the house, and the kids are
wrapping up school, plus some random appointments. So, unless something is going on, I will probably not post much in the next couple of weeks, which is a good thing! I'm sharing a lot of pictures from the car show, kind of random, unless they are of Eli, but there were just so many, I could share a couple hundred pics, but I won't here. If you want to see more, we are slowly getting them up on our Team Victory 4 All page. You will notice in this grouping which are by me and my cell phone, and which are by Taco Patterson. It's hard to tell if he took a picture, or painted them. Please, continue to remember Emma, and I am really just heart-heavy for a good friend whose 12yo nephew was recently diagnosed with bone cancer. We just love this family, and the extended family. We've known them a long time,
 and they have done a lot for us, and Eli from the start of our journey, and for the childhood cancer cause already before this with the nephew. So pray that we can be an encouragement to them, and a help to them in whatever capacity it is. And, pray for the mom and dad, in their decision-making, their ability to process the situation, and of course this precious, sweet boy, his physical and emotional health. Thank you for your diligence, I can't share the names just yet, but God will know even before you ask it. It's comforting that it works that way, isn't it.

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