Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 1

Eli taking a picture of this rainbow that we saw along the way.
Eli and I decided to hit the road tonight for his appointment in Augusta tomorrow. We are trying to stay behind a strong thunderstorm system moving through Central Alabama and into Georgia. It is very difficult for me to stay behind much of anything, but, this weather research vehicle from UAH that we saw as we got on the interstate made a good argument for it. Plus, I don't like driving, or
 traveling in heavy rain or thunderstorms, and I really wanted to break the trip up into traveling over two days instead of 12 hours in one day, so here we are on the road. The blood work takes a little longer to get back than what I expected when they went last week, so the appointments that we do have take a couple of hours. After that we head straight back to Alabama, so to do that in one day is pretty tough. So we are just going to hang behind this system, and make our way over to Augusta for tomorrow. We had a fun birthday party with Caleb, who turned 8, and then attended a big car show in our town on Saturday. One of our elders refinished an old pontiac, so we saw him. Then we got to get a picture with the guy off a television show I think that is called
Guy from Street Outlaws
Street Outlaws, maybe. Not sure exactly, but he brought a cool car, so we got Eli's picture with him. I have read that after you turn 8 years old, your memories are stored into your long-term memory bank. I have often thought about (and written about) Caleb's role in this whole cancer journey thing that we are caught up in. He was three and a half when Eli was first diagnosed, and many times, as I include all my kids in my pleading prayers to guard them through the experience, I asked that Eli live long enough for Caleb to be able to remember him. So, for me, and my thought process, this was a big birthday.

May 7

Eli will head to Augusta again tomorrow for his Monday appointment, then home again. He had to
Eli and I were on Channel 31 to promote his cars show.
have a platelet transfusion on Friday. His bone marrow is just so weak. Just one cycle of TMZ, and his platelet count dropped very low, down to 31k. No sign of it, just a routine check on Friday at the St. Jude clinic brought it up. He goes each Friday before he travels because if he was in a car wreck, and was bleeding, they might not could stop it. So, this way, he is all tanked up. That is an extreme situation, but very real as much as we are on the road. Even going to the dentist for him now is an issue, because if his gums bleed from the cleaning it would be hard to get it to stop. All other counts, bloodwork was good. His weight is steady after a decent jump, I'm actually going to buy him some new church pants to give him some more room in the middle. Still no hair, but it doesn't seem to bother him, too much.

He went to his first car show as an official registered participant, and with Bruce sporting all of his upgrades. Other than that, we have been about as normal as it gets around here - still chaotic, but normal chaos. He is just my little shadow, and goes with me wherever I go, which is not usually very exciting. Please, remember Emma, from our town, who has been at St. Jude, actually in the hospital, not just check-ups at St. Jude, but in the hospital, in critical condition for months, has been in an induced comma at some point, maybe even more than once, has had or has a breathing tube, and just the extremeness of the physical afflictions that she is fighting, I don't even know the words to say how awful it is. The doctors are, at least, still hopeful and still working to get her going in the right direction, so please remember her as they continue to face heavy decisions. So many moms on my heart tonight, like Katie, Emma's mom, and so many that I have come to "cyber-know" who have fought and are fighting this monster, or just dealt with catastrophic situations concerning their kids. As you can imagine, I get a lot of compliments as a mom, but really, I do no more than anyone else would do in the same or similar situation, just as these other moms do and have done. That is what being a mom is, doing what you have to do for your kids. That is the definition of a mom, plain and simple.

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