Wednesday, April 13, 2016

“Finally, somebody besides me,” Eli said to himself Monday as I had a little procedure done on my finger here at the hospital. It was quick,
but still he was glad to be in the chair against the wall instead of on the one in the middle of the room for once. Before I forget, remember to wear your Eli shirt, or royal blue and take a selfie to post on Eli’s page for us to look at on the way home Friday. By yourself, or ask your co-workers, friends, family to join you in wearing blue and take a group photo, then share it and let us know who you are and where you are.
We had an accidental fun weekend, but it has been quiet since then. We went to Atlanta last week to visit the big Lego store, but he didn’t want to do any of the little rides (which he might have been to old for anyway, I couldn’t tell), so we traveled the five-hour round trip to just look in the store, which was no bigger than the section at Toys R Us, and came home with something we could have gotten at Toys R Us here in Augusta. Nevertheless, it was part of his celebration to be done with chemo last week, and that is what he
Eli loved getting to see a Lotus.
asked to do. Friday we stayed in, played video games, did some laundry. Saturday, we had a cruise-in car show to go to, then we stopped at the Harley Davidson store to look around, ate lunch at
Mellow Mushroom, looked around at Bob’s Tropical Fish, which was as good for a few minutes of perusing, and he had some neat unusual fish.

Then we went to Harlem, Georgia, where we visited the Laurel & Hardy Museum, and stumbled upon another fun, quirky museum off the barely beaten path. So, it ended up being a fun and full day. Oliver
Hardy is from Harlem, Georgia, so therefore the museum. It was chock full of everything L&H, plus other things from that era, some Little Rascals memorabilia. And, they were glad to play L&H shows as much as you wanted to sit and watch. The man running it that day showed us some pictures of his own “museum” where he made full-size cars out of wood. So, we headed to a little garage/workshop behind Mr. Russeth's house, which was two blocks over, where his wife, Jean, kindly gave us a
 personal tour. It was a lot of fun, like a little hidden gem we found. It didn’t take very long, but, wow, at his work. He is an artist, and
craftsman. His work is featured in festivals, and I think even a movie, if I understood it all right. But, the detail in his creations to which he attends is remarkable. They also had lots of vintage toys, a couple of pinball machines, some funny things outside like Mount Laurel & Hardy, which is a mound with their faces carved in it. I don’t think the "Ollie Also & Stanie, too, Fine
 Mess Old Car Museum" is an official “museum”, like on any kind of registry, I think they do it for fun and to share.

We enjoyed worshiping with new friends at Central in Martinez again, and had lunch with some Sunday afternoon. Other than that, it’s a lot of waiting for Friday when we go home. MRI is tonight, and tomorrow night, then Friday we meet with the doctor to start the second phase of the trial with temozolomide. Dr. Johnson made the point that he is not putting a lot of stock into this MRI if it shows a slight increase because of how Eli appears to be doing. He says, “we treat the child, not the image.” Some increase in size of the lesions is almost expected this close to the end of radiation because that is the inflammation that comes with striking the tumors. Of course, if there is increase, and new spots, I would think that would be a different story. But, because Eli looks as good as, or better than, when we arrived, he said that he would attribute any increase to radiation. As saturated as Eli’s brain is with cancer, he would have expected him to have been showing symptoms when we arrived, so as I’ve
 said before, we are kind of riding an edge. On the flip side is that we would be elated for any signs of regression, and would be very happy for stable - which is a response as well. We won’t know any results until Friday afternoon, probably when Eli and I will be on the road home, looking at your pictures.

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