Saturday, April 16, 2016

Eli and George Ciamillo, one of MGW's owners.
We headed home yesterday with good news, actually the word the doctor used is "fantastic"! Eli's scans show that all lesions are either stable, smaller, or one is actually gone. It is not without a price, but as of today it is worth it. We knew that radiation would have some affect, so now with just the chemo is when it may get hairy. So we will enjoy today, and praise the Lord for His blessings, continuing to pray with confidence and in faith. We loved seeing all the pictures of the Eli blue being posted on the facebook page. I think my kids are the only ones that did not. Vic is not on Facebook, and does not always read my blog, and I forgot to dress them from 6 hours away, ha!

Eli and I got home Friday late afternoon. Literally, the car was still rolling in the driveway when he started opening his door to get out. Along the way, he texted Vic, first when we pulled out of the
parking garge, then we hit Atlanta, then the Alabama state line, then Birmingham, then I-65, then when we took the Athens exit 351. He would not have me take any other exit, had to be 351, it just says home to him. We went out for pizza, and then the girls and I went for a drive in the Mustang. I know, I had been driving for six hours, and the first thing I do when I get home, drive. Even Big Sam, I got to drive Big Sam to the pizza place, and noticed he was a couple hundred shy of 297k. That will crank up now that I’m home. because according to our family calendar, I’m hitting the ground running. I have a concert in Birmingham tonight with Abbey. Sunday is a birthday party with Caleb. Monday I am supposed to turn Bruce (Eli’s Mustang) in at a place in Huntsville for new splitters to be painted, then head the opposite direction about an hour and a half to Florence for Hg to be an alternate at the
Tennis sectionals. Tuesday is a braces appointment for her, Friday, I leave with the girls for a girl scouts six flags trip, then back to Augusta on Monday for a quick appointment, then home again. On those off days, will be laundry and putting up what Eli and I drug in. It’s good to be home!

Before we left Augusta, we had a chance to visit MGW, an aftermarket shifter manufacturer for Mustangs, Cameros, and Corvettes. Several months ago, when Vic was kind of “mapping” the upgrades, customization for Bruce, he put on the list an MGW shifter. Then just kind of tucked the list away as something to work on, and toward. Then back in March, when Vic was with Eli and I was home because of mom, a doctor in radiation was talking about his Corvette with them, and mentioned that he was going to go down to MGW and have them look at his shifter. Of course, Vic’s ears perked up, and it turns out the shifter he had chosen was manufactured right there in Augusta. The weirdest thing. So, Eli and I made plans to visit MGW, pick up a shifter for Bruce straight from the man that makes them, and meet George Ciamillo, one of the owners. Just as so many times before, such good people everywhere we look. They showered us with MGW hats, shirts, decals, and an awesome weighted shift knob, and Eli got to see George’s Boss 302s race car. George offered to put the shifter in the car for us, as I’m sure he could do it in his sleep, but getting the car down there on short notice was an issue, and Eli was beyond ready to get home, so he didn’t want to stay an extra
Eli was ready to go home!
two days for Vic to bring the car. On the way home, Vic texted me something like, “hope you have a good trip… so is the shifter actually with you in the car, you are bringing it home?” YES! And, when we got home, I promise you, I was getting things out of the passenger side of the car, and he came out and said, “hey, you made it… is the shifter in the back?” I said, no it’s right here. He came over, and I thought he was going to give me a hug, and he was just moving me out of the way to get the shifter out of the car. “Here, I’ll get this for you.” As I said, It’s good to be home!

We are less than a month from “Eli’s Block Party” car & bike show, May 14th, so things are cranking up with those preparations, especially now that I’m home. If you have any promotional items to go in our goody bags for the registered participants, or anything for a door prize, we would need it all by May 6. Looking for items, but if you want to put in a business card, and you are not already a sponsor, it’s $15 to do so. Looking for more automotive vendors, demonstration booths, automotive promotional booths, so contact me for ways to sign up for that.

If you’ve followed us for very long, you have felt with us the ups and downs, the jolts of the roller coaster that we ride. Racing through valleys so deep and dark you don’t know if your eyes are open or shut. Then just when you think that is where you must be getting off, you shoot out from under the darkness, to the tops of the clouds and ride in the sunshine for a while. It was only a few months ago, that I was, in my head, planning the car show expecting Eli not to be there. Who would do the “Eli’s Choice” award? But, it’s looking like, I won’t have to answer that question for this year’s show at least. Unless the chemo does absolutely nothing, and his cancer progresses uncharacteristically fast, he should be there.

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