Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bruce with his new front and side splitters (basically trim along
the bottom with the stripes added on to make it look continous).
Someone from our congregation pays for another lady from church to clean our house, so that we have more family time, and to help while I am gone. She came yesterday, and the house was upside down when she got here. The pile of clean laundry in the floor waiting to be folded was the length and height of our bed, dishes in the sink, mine and Eli’s things from the Ronald McDonald House still in the floor, the kitchen counters and table covered with papers, and legos… you get the picture. I always hate that when she comes, because it is hard to clean the house when it is so messy. So, I apologized, I said, “I’m just so sorry. I know it is hard to do your job when it’s like this.” She, a hispanic woman, was gracious, of course, and said “no, no, is fine, is fine,” and then to continue the small talk, she said, “Your girls, they did so good while you were away. The house so easy to clean
when you not here.”…… yep, it’s good to be home. Ha! Of course, she was complimenting the girls, and didn’t mean it the way I could have taken it. So, funny, but so true and obvious!

Eli continues to appear to be doing really well. Nothing remarkable to report as far as he goes, really. He went to Augusta Monday to check his bloodwork, and we will go again this Monday. His numbers will certainly start to be affected in a week and a half or so, but he seems to feel really good. I started a little fun Go Fund Me thing to try to win a chance for him to meet the real Iron Man if you would like to give toward that. It’s just for fun, and the money goes to Robert Downey,
 Jr.’s non-profit that helps random children’s groups. I have to submit the money by May 1, so if you want to participate with $10 or so, jump in before Saturday.

Bruce has been getting a lot of attention since we’ve been home, so Eli (and Vic) have been having fun with that. Tony and his team at Rod’s Custom Collision installed, and painted front, side, and back ROUSH splitters for us. Makes the car body look a little meatier, and with the paint job, and the stripe on the front, it really looks good. His guy also detailed it for us, and it was like one big mirror driving down the road. Then some other upgraded parts that I would not really understand enough to give detail about. Something about a racing differential, axels, new gears to upgrade the car toward the goal of one day having a kind of drag-track hybrid - my description.
 Super nice guy, Darron, has a shop and I don’t even know if it has a name, but he had the
coolest stuff for us to look at. The car is having the speedometer reset now to line up with the new gears, and should be ready for a car show this weekend.

We are heavy on our own car show preparations, so I am not able to blog as I should. Anything else I could share would be very boring, (or some of you may be thinking, “more boring”). I’ve been to a concert
with one daughter, six flags with two of them, birthday party with Caleb, and miscellaneous kid things that some moms take for granted. Eli is my shadow every day. If he gets another good scan in two months we will see about getting him enrolled in something academic, probably. We will even dare to think about PLANNING a beach vacation! I know! We are crazy blessed.

Another local cancer fighter, I think she is three, raises money on her diagnosis day to donate to St. Jude. The money was stolen out of her home a day or two ago, so if you wish to help her make that
 up, she asks for $2 because she has been fighting two years. The address is Molly Paysinger, 24498 Holt Road, Elkmont, AL 35620. Tell her that you are a friend of Eli the Eliminator.

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