Thursday, March 31, 2016

Iron Man is his fav - mine, too.
I can’t recall exactly what I was doing, but I think I was singing to Super Freak by Rick James because I absolutely love the local 93.9 radio station. They pluck their playlist right out of my head. But, I think I was singing, or doing something fun, I’m sure, because, ya
I told him maybe we would find
one for him sometime.
know, it was me doing it, and, in his flat voice, Eli said, “Can you just not be old for one minute.” Ha! Ah, yes, we have fun.

Not a lot going on with Eli as far as I can tell. I do think he may have a cold, but I don’t know how to tell the difference between a cold and allergies, really. I’ve seen all the online graph comparisons, but there is always a cross-over symptom that makes my diagnosis difficult. Anyway, it is mild, and he continues to do well with this treatment. We are down to four more radiation sessions, then we get an MRI, then start the chemo drug temozolomide (TMZ). We are on the books to come on home April 15. Have I already said that? I’ll
Everything is greening up.
probably mention it 30 more times because it is on both of our brains. The friend next door on the same trial, Coulter, is struggling to keep his numbers up while on the TMZ, so I know it will affect Eli’s counts.

I’ve noticed a little extra energy around town this week, just little things as the one-hundred and sixteenth largest city in the U.S.
Just a bench on campus as we walk.
prepares for “the most important golf tournament in the world,” as it was described to me. The Masters is next week held at the Augusta National Gold Club, and I have noticed the little golf carts in grassy areas around retailers and office buildings. Informational signs are in place warning that the road will be closed on certain dates, and barricades waiting along the sides of the roads ready to be placed. Vendor delivery trucks are all over the place, temporary tents, tables and chairs are being positioned along the roads, and rows of white trailer trucks, and white vans take up an entire abandoned
The radiation mask squashes on
face as it holds him snug to the table.
strip mall parking lot. We had some extra time, so Eli and I went sniffing around the hub-bub and one of the ants that was putting out flags around a parking area let Eli sit in his cart for a picture. After the tournament is over, maybe I will be able to get in there and get a picture somewhere, but for now, this is as close as I could get. And, only because Eli was
More marks on his face. It goes away quickly.
fussing that he didn’t want to get in trouble if we tried to drive closer. Who’s old now!!! Next week is spring break here, I’m sure timed so that families could get away during The Masters. People rent their houses out during that time and make thousands of dollars doing it. Now that the town has shaken off all the pollen, and everything is blooming, it is beautiful with all the old homes nearby, and if this weather holds for it, I can’t imagine it could be more perfect.
He is enjoying getting the care packages that you send.

We were a little sad today because the PT gal that has been working with Eli is moving on. Not being in school or anything any more, it’s hard for him to have “friends” (add to it that he is not exactly friendly, and can’t really keep up), so the medical people that he sees on a regular basis are his “friends”. He really liked Alyssa, and was sad, but as you would expect, there seems to be a fun PT gal coming in behind her. He has gotten stronger in just the short time he has been working with them.

If you are not already in your prayers, please, remember Quinn, an almost two-year-old, that has battled a short time with a very aggressive brain tumor. No treatment they have tried has done
In front of parking for The Masters.
 anything, and the disease is progressing rapidly, so they have stopped treatment.

Have I mentioned that we plan to come home on April 15th. I wanted to ask that we do an Eli Blue Selfie Day on the 15th, which is a Friday. Wear your Eli shirt, or something royal blue, and take a selfie to post on Eli’s page on the 15th,
Taking a turn in PJ's cart who was putting out flags for The Masters.
and we will have fun looking at them on our trip home. JUST IN CASE, be sure to pay attention that we actually get to come home on the 15th. If we don’t, we will reschedule wearing blue.

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