Sunday, February 7, 2016

This is post number 400!!! Whoo-hoo...

I wanted to share some pictures of some cool shirts that we’ve gotten recently. I know I don’t always show pictures of everything we get, it just depends on what I’m doing at the time, and if Eli gets a hold of whatever it is and integrates it into his toy stuff, or drawers, or just
somewhere that takes it out of my line of sight. We got this very cool airbrush t-shirt and hat of Eli’s actual car. Yep, Bruce! That’s him on the shirt, and his stripes in the hat design. Mr. Halderman, his daughter Karen, and granddaughter Lauren gave it to him with a bunch of autographed posters, and a very cool Mustang DVD movie, bunch of stuff, when we went to Ohio a few weeks ago. So, that’s been worn several times already. He got a fun mustang shirt from the car show in November that on the back says "Haters make me famous." Ha! I thought that was funny, I can't remember who gave it to him though. Recently, we got a box from Twisted Reaper Mustangs, a group out of southeast Texas, and Disturbed Mustangs out of Louisiana. They had a cruise-in and made a
poster for Eli, the picture of the group is in a post below. They custom made a couple of t-shirts for Eli that are very cool, and sent him another shirt, and two diecast cars. So, he was excited to get all of that.

The boys and I had a fun little Saturday doing nothing special. Vic coaches Caleb’s Upward basketball team, but he was sick, so I got to
sit on the basketball sideline with Caleb Saturday morning. Then we just went to Wal-mart to look at Hot Wheels and Legoes, and get pizza. We had had a rough few days with a little tummy bug and Caleb was ready to get out because he was over it pretty quickly, like within 12 hours. Abbey became sick during the night early Thursday morning, Caleb followed a few hours later, then Vic Friday morning. They had no fever, and only stomach nausea/cramping, none of them even threw up. They continued to eat some, but were all just content to lay very still and watch TV. Caleb was over his very quickly, but Abbey and Vic were quite a bit slower, better today, but I think neither are one hundred percent. Well, after lunch Caleb
suddenly, just out of the blue, started with the other end despite his cheery mood, and Eli started with the belly ache at lunch, and has thrown up tonight. So, he is very upset, and does not feel well at all. He is four days into the chemo, and we forgot to give it to him tonight, don’t know that he would have kept it down anyway. Just a warning, too, he had some new nuero-symptoms this morning that could be a sign of progression, or could be from the virus, or from the chemo.
Sadly, we’ve got multiple culprits to point at, pray that it is the virus and will correct when he feels better. We’ve got a conference call with a doctor in Georgia tomorrow, a doctor in Cincinnati is following up on something for us, and a doctor in Miami was consulting with his team as well. But, all is mostly talk, and if we are looking at progression enough to manifest symptoms, none of it will matter.

I’m going to close the Eli “The Eliminator” shirt orders so that I can place the order this week, so get those in if you can. If someone is collecting somewhere like from a group and I need to wait, let me know and I will, otherwise, I think I need to get those orders placed. Just fill out this form ( ), then you can send me a check (24900 Savannah Trail, Athens, AL 35613), or pay on paypal (use Just $5.50 each, and add some for shipping if you want me to ship to you, just guess the cost.

Please, remember my mom in prayer who is under hospice care as the dementia continues to slowly progress; and my sister who takes care of her and all that is needed for her days to be comfortable and peaceful; and that she receives the respect, care, and attention that she deserves for a life of faithfulness, hard work, and dedication.

Also, remember little Emma, who is from Athens, and giving the devil more than he wants. I have not heard the latest, but she was, really, day-to-day, I think, and they were hoping that she would hang on until the treatment had time to sort of kick in. So, a desperately grave situation in Memphis, away from their home.

God bless you all for your precious hearts, and relentless faith.

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