Wednesday, January 20, 2016

With six picky people in the family - six different personalities, six different interests, six different tastes, etc. - times are rare that we all agree. Usually when we eat pizza, as long as it is cheap, so Vic is happy, or when we go to Target, something for everyone to look at, or when we watch Toy Story, the first one, we do pretty good, but the majority of the time, someone is not getting what they want, or not interested in what we are doing. The majority of that time, because we favor heavily toward Eli’s interests (which are also Caleb’s interests), it’s Abbey.

The girls are “car-ed” out. Hg still does pretty good with it and, in general, is some interested because she enjoys knowing facts about most anything just for the sake of knowing a fact. Tuesday we toured
the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which was just such a cool experience. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, the Vette was it to me and to Vic. We are enjoying the Mustang experience just because we like cool muscle cars, and have come to love the Ford family of workers and owners, and the entire experience of being connected to the Mustang, but a Corvette was kind of a fantasy car, only in your dreams, kind of thing. I had a favorite t-shirt with a red Corvette Stingray on it when I was a kid, and my favorite Hot Wheels - which I still have - is a 1972 Corvette Stingray. So, what an awesome experience to tour the plant and see how they are made. We so much appreciate a friend notifying the Local 2164 that we were coming, and the
 personal tour with the goodies for all of us. Local President Monica Williams stayed with us for pictures, and arranged for Eli to crank one up as it exited the line. They give public tours, so they are set up for that, but Eli getting to crank one up was pretty special and he got a special certificate for it. But, he did wear his Mustang jacket in the plant. The girls and I tried to get him to change to a neutral jacket, but he would not... so there ya go.

We toured the Corvette Museum, too, and it was fun (again, a gift shop. I scored big for my Hot Wheels collection... the boys got something, too). They had taped on the floor where the sink hole
was from 2013. We were coming to Kentucky on our way home from visiting the Mustang plant that year, and had plans to go to Mammoth Cave, which we did. We took the tour, which
goes one mile straight down under ground. When we got to the bottom, someone asked the guide about the sink hole at the Corvette Museum. He said, "oh, yeah, that's all part of this cave system." WHAT!!!! We had put the Corvette museum on our list of "if we have time" back then. Then I put another asterisk, "another time." So, we didn't make it that year, and the kids remember that being in the news. So, they were very interested in that when we went this time. On display were the Vettes that they pulled from the hole. One-of-a-kind vehicles, worthless now, except as a new sink hole exhibit.

As we began the tour… back to my point about satisfying everyone… our guide showed us the colors available for the 2016’s. In general, there was white, two grays, black, dark blue, bright blue, dark red, bright red, yellow, and a burnt orange. He talked about what was popular, that kind of thing. Then by way of engaging the kids, he
asked each of them what would be his or her favorite color Corvette. When he got to Abbey, she said, “umm… I don’t know, green, I guess.” Oh, my goodness!! How embarrassing.

On Monday we visited the Creation Museum, which is south of Cincinnati, Ohio. The kids really enjoyed that, but some of it that they remembered from when we visited before is outside…. as in outside in the six-degree temperature… as in closed. Still they had a good time, always as long as there is a gift shop.

It was absolutely frigid weather. The six-degrees is not an exaggeration. Big Sam was very angry with us for taking him up there in the cold and all loaded down, so he decided to withhold power
steering for a bit. But Vic topped it off with some extra fluid, and when we got south of Franklin, Tennessee on Tuesday, it was like he knew he was home. Smooth as silk, flying by the young un’s, rolling over 289,700 miles coming into Athens. Caleb has mentioned several times that he is worried what we will do with Big Sam when something happens to him. That’s what I get for
personifying an object. Before our trip, I had to drive Vic’s car for a couple of weeks because I busted the tailgate handle on Big Sam, rendering the “trunk” useless. At that time I was trying to clean out, and take boxes to the thrift store, so I kept Vic’s car just so I had access to a trunk (which is actually cavernous in the Rav4 with the seats down). When we decided to take the trip, Vic took Big Sam to have his handle fixed so we could get suitcases in and out, then we traded back. When the kids went outside to head to school, each of them cheered when they saw Big Sam waiting there to take them. I may have
to appeal to our neighborhood association to allow us to use him as yard decor just so we can keep him when he finally gives out. If I could find like a “parent” wish organization that grants wishes to cancer moms, or if anybody has any connection to monster truck re-builders, I would love to have Big Sam turned into a Monster Truck with seating for 8 as it is now, “Big Sam and the Fam!” We could go to charity truck shows, Eli’s car shows, it would be so cool. I know … my brain still has some fun some days…. not as often as it use to, but in spurts.

Eli is doing very well. The adrenaline medicine is really helping his energy level. But, sadly, I am having no luck finding another relapse treatment that Eli can tolerate, or that he would qualify for. And to look at him now, how he is so much enjoying his life, it is a torturous evil.

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