Saturday, January 16, 2016

We are in Tipp City, O-Hi-O tonight getting ready to meet the designer of the first Mustang tomorrow. No snow when we go her, boo. But, there was salt on the hotel's parking lot, and I think someone mentioned in the comments that we just missed it. Of course, we did. I came prepared.
We Had a good trip up, about 6.5 hours, with one stop. Eli is feeling very good, and is in a great mood. I think the hormone replacement
therapy is helping his energy, and, of course, he has been off chemo for several days. It has been a hard week as far as emotions go for me and Vic. We've sent a small list of treatments that I found to our oncologist to see what he thinks, but I don't really have a lot of confidence that he will come back with much of an opinion, other than none of them have any promise. I am so thankful to have this little trip to perk us up some, the kids have been excited. We collected 2065 Mustang
 Concept car designs from school, and had some come in the mail. So, I hope that will be something neat for Mr. Halderman. We plan to visit with tomorrow after church at Cassel Hills Church of Christ (used to be VanHuber, or maybe the other way around), then Monday we will go to the Creation Museum, then hit the Corvette museum on the way home Tuesday.
Pray we all stay well, Caleb is struggling with some nose issues, but seems to feel great. I am trying to get some things off my list of to-do's at home, and a big one was getting the kids' hand and feet imprints in concrete to go in a sidewalk that I hope to put in sometime. A high school friend's dad got that done for us, and it was a lot of work for him, so we appreciate it. I've got a gift certificate for portraits and I really want to get that done
 because I think when Eli starts this etoposide, he will lose his hair, or it will be very thin. And the mustang room decorating will pick back up now that the holidays are over.
Also, my mom has been in rehab for the past three weeks after suffering what they think was a min-istroke on
Christmas Eve. She has dementia and has been living in an assisted living facility for over two years, but is not unable to go back. So, my sister is moving her to long-term care at the rehab facility. Such a sad disease, I just hate Alzheimer's as much as I do childhood cancer!
We are taking orders for Eli the Eliminator t-shirts. The link to a form to fill out is a few posts down. This is not a fundraiser, just getting cost so that new people can get one if hey want it, and those of us who have kids that have been growing in the last four years. The t-shirt is exactly the same as the original shirt.
Eli had his first Mustang Club of America meeting Thursday. It was a lot of fun for he and Vic. They got show off their car, and take note of some other car shows, one of which is Eli's Block Party set for May 14. If you have something to bring, bring it! Don't wonder if you should come and bring your truck or Nova, just bring it!
Thank you all! I will post pics tomorrow night.

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