Friday, January 8, 2016

Looney Tunes on the TV, Legos in our magazine, and a Mustang within reach, that’s how we roll a Friday morning. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to meet Gale Halderman, the Ford Design Director that is responsible for the design and feasibility of production of the first mustang. He also designed the ’71 fastback - which, love! - and oversaw the ’79 fox body. We are going to shake history’s hand, how cool is that. Mustang fan or not, the car is iconic pop  culture, and I think (the Chevy and Mopar guys can straighten me out… gently…), it is the only US muscle car to be in continuous production since its birth. The corvette, I think, is not considered a muscle car, but a luxury sports car? Anyway, we are beyond thrilled, and so welcome the distraction from scans approaching Monday. We will go on the 16th, so in my mind the world has stopped on the 12th, so it is nice to have something to think about passed that date. And, we are thankful for the hand that Eli’s Creator lays on him to allow for a high quality of life during this time, so that he and we can enjoy trips and activities like this together.

So, I have a challenge for your kids (any age if they are interested, high school, too). I want to take Mr. Halderman a concept book of a 2065 Mustang designs, which I think would be the 100 year anniversary. If you have a budding car designer, an artist, ask him or her to design what they think a 2065 Mustang would look like, and any special features it would have (does it fly, bore in the ground, dose it make coffee, shoot baseballs, how fast would it go, anything special about the tires, the interior, etc.). I want it to be neat, and colored, crayon, pencil or marker, on regular white copy paper (I will put it in a protective sleeve and we will put it in a three-ring binder, so I need it to be just regular size paper). List on the left side the name of the car (2065 Mustang Sharp-tooth, or 2065 Mustang Wide-tail, or if there is no special name, just be sure to put 2065 Mustang), the name of the color that they created for it (Bling Blue, or Race Red, whatever they want to call their color choice), anything about it that he would need to know, then write “Designed by …..” with their name, age, and if you want to put your town, state. I need these by Thursday the 14th so I have time to get them into sleeves. If you go to our school, give them to Jill at the front desk. If you go to church with us, I will try to have a box in the teacher resource room marked for it. If you are not at either of those places, you can drop at my house on my front porch, otherwise, you will have to mail it. If you want to mail me one or some, just make sure to allow for that mailing time. You can fold it to save postage, just do so lightly. If you have a bunch, better to mail them flat in a manilla envelope. Contact me for an address, message me on FB, or my email is vicandkristie @ So, fun, right?! You get to be a part of this, too! Always!

Eli is feeling a little better it seems like. He still has this just horrid, juicy cough, but they put him on an antibiotic, so I’m hoping it will knock out soon. His blood work was surprisingly good when we went Tuesday. He does seem to still be a little extra tired, but the days are cold and kind of gray, so it’s tempting to lay around for anyone. My mom is about half-way through rehab, and not a lot has changed. We fear that she will not be able to move back to the assisted living place that has been her home for two and a half years. So, it is a stressfully sad situation, but she is her usual pleasant self, just going along with whatever she is lead to. The house is the same wreck, and I am submerged into plans to get the non-profit events going, including Eli’s car show, which is May 14th, so mark your calendar for that because it will be awesome. We are living a blessed life, aren’t we.

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