Saturday, January 30, 2016

Eli has been feeling really good this week, quoting Spongebob, trotting around the house, playing a lot in his room with his legos and diecast (as opposed to laying on the couch). We had a full weekend of check-marks, but nothing overly interesting…. just how we like it. The cement stones with the kids hands and feet are at least in position, but it will be a while before we get to do the entire sidewalk. Thursday was my birthday, and most already know that I kicked it off with a colonoscopy, then did laundry, then got a speeding ticket going to do a talk at the Optimist Club along with a fix-it ticket for a headlight on Big Sam who is officially well over 290k now (this picture is old, maybe I shared it already). As I said, I like last year’s birthday with a
 mammogram better. I did get to spend most of the day with my good friend Melissa Chamblee Green who took me to the hospital, kept Eli (bought him stuff), brought us home so that Vic didn't have to use any vacation days on me and my stuff, stayed to help with laundry, and brought us supper. Then I ended the day with a birthday cake from Suzanne’s. So, thanks to Melissa and Suzanne it was not as sucky as it seems. Besides, I can't make stuff up and need days like this to have something to write about. Friday, we worked in the house some, then got ready for portraits by Chandler Olive with the kids and Bruce. They are going to be awesome, can’t wait to make posters out of one of them. Then we went to see Kung Fu Panda 3, which the kids have
 been waiting on since we saw 2 because it was obvious that Po’s daddy was going to be in it (I do like KFP, but this one was just so-so, a too familiar formula, no surprises like Wreck-It Ralph, love Wreck-It Ralph). Today, we had girl scouts, basketball, then portraits again, but this time more formal portraits with the kids by Elle’s Photography. I’m not sure how this new chemo is going to affect Eli, he may or may not lose his hair, but it will certainly at least be thin, so I wanted to get all these pictures in. Plus, we really want the Mustang pictures for the Mustang room. Vic spent Saturday painting Bruce’s hubcaps with plastic-dip - a kind of quick fix until we can pay for custom rims, and it gives us a chance to see if
want it completely black. We are all kind of wish-washy on that, so this is a good experiment that only cost a lot of time, not a lot of money. Eli will start his chemo on Tuesday. I saw a great post that the girl who came after Eli in the trial in Houston, Riley, had good results from the methotrexate in the Ommaya, and will continue the treatment in Arkansas. I am so hopeful that she can continue on it since it is working. It is a tough treatment, and she was also having tough side affects. I did learn of another couple of relapses or suspected relapses, so remember Charlie and Kosta, and also Chandler who got a mixed or unclear reading of his MRI recently. There are others, but my brain is shutting down at this late hour.
We are opening sponsorships for Eli’s Block Party car show, so if you would like to see a sponsorship listing let me know. We are growing, and getting some attention, so this is a good time to jump in and join the team. We will be donating to the Children’s Oncology Group this year. It is a research lab that supports St. Jude, Children’s of Alabama, and a host of other hospitals. By raising money for it, we not only are supporting research, but can cover the two main hospitals that our local kids go to, and more. Thank you for your continued prayers, and positive support. Be sure to share with your kids, if they ask, that Eli feels good and is doing really well right now. We don’t want to give the impression
otherwise. Also, if I can take advantage of this forum, keep my mom in your prayers as she is still struggling with the progression of dementia. She had to go back to the hospital, and though she had seemed to improve a bit, the doctor said it was just a kind of cycle and she would continue to digress. My sister has and is shouldering it all to keep our days as normal as they can be right now, give us time to do fun stuff, and do the not fun stuff, otherwise it would just be only not fun stuff. Mom is a faithful Christian woman, and even in this state of mind, her nature is content and cooperative to the best of her ability. Thank you all, and God bless you all for your efforts in supporting our family.

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