Sunday, January 17, 2016

Eli and Mr. Halderman.
We logged more unique and fun memories today as we met Mr. Gale Halderman, the designer of the first Ford Mustang, at his home near Tipp City, Ohio. He, and his family and friends, have converted a barn on the former farming property into a kind of personal showcase of artifacts collected from his years as an automotive designer, and his own cars, which include the last year they made the Model T, and a Model A. Mr. Halderman, his daughter Karen, and granddaughter Lauren were gracious hosts, donating their time to us today to share about his career. Mr. Halderman worked for, and knew, Lee Iacocca, and we learned that he has met Mr. Honda… as in Honda. The boys have read a picture book biography of Soichiro Honda, so when we
In front of concept car drawings.
 saw some vintage scooters, which were bicycles with a motor, it reminded them of that story. Mr.
In front of the Mustang concept
Halderman said, “I’ve actually met Mr. Honda.” Wow, how cool is that. He had walls filled with original concept car drawings, and posters, signs, pictures, awards, diecast models, and even a miniature clay model. I think I understood that a full-size clay model, chiseled and shaped from the concept, is the first step in bringing the idea from paper to 3-D reality. That’s a lot of playdough. I was thrilled that Mr. Halderman enjoyed our own book of “concept cars for 2065.” He and his friends looked through the book we made of your kids’ drawings, and I think they plan to display it for others that visit. It included The Unicorn Mustang, The Flame, a Pokemon Mustang, a camouflage Mustang, and Eli’s Spy Mustang, which is a four-door Mustang in which our whole family can fit (Mr. Halderman said that they made a Mustang station wagon concept car, but Mr. Iococca hated it, so it never happened). And, according to most of the specs provided for
the concepts, pretty much all the 2065’s are expected to hover or fly. What a great book! We appreciate so much the afternoon they gave us, and we enjoyed visiting with them all, and
getting to know them. We appreciate Lauren, and neighbor George Hardy, for taking time to correspond with us, so that we could make plans to get here.

The kids got to see their snow for a few minutes as we left the church building in Vandalia, Ohio, this morning, but it didn’t hang around. It only blew in long enough to bring in a biting wind and temperatures in the mid-teens. Big Sam turned 289K miles on this trip, and was none too happy to wake up this morning in those temperatures caring us and our luggage. Vic was pleasantly surprised
Looking at all the kids' drawings of the 2065's.
to be greeted by a childhood friend at worship this morning, who ended up being the preacher! So many times we have visited a congregation blindly, hundreds of miles from home, to have some kind of connection to someone there. I love being a member of God’s family.

After Halderman’s Barn, we thought we might try to catch an hour or so at the Wright Brothers museum in Dayton. But the time zone is eastern here, so we missed it. Still it was neat to see the bike shop, and it wasn’t something we actually had on our schedule anyway. We are south of
 Cincinnati tonight with plans for the Creation Museum tomorrow.

Eli feels great. He has been eating well, had a lot of energy, and is really enjoying himself. We had a disheartening email from his doctor, after presenting some long-shot treatments that I had read about, so we continue to need your prayers.

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