Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tongue work is necessary for successful game play.
Eli and I went back to Memphis for the end of his recover week, which was just a couple of days, then checked out of the Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday. His blood work on Tuesday which measures his ANC (immune system, basically) would determine if he met the minimal requirement to start cycle 2, scheduled to start on Thursday. Well, it wasn’t high enough, so we came home with a plan to come back on Friday, hoping that it would be high enough to start just the one day late. When we came home Tuesday, I noticed that Caleb seemed to be struggling with congestion, then Hg began to show signs. I took them to the doc, and Caleb began to get over his (I think he was full-blown before we came home), Hg
Feeling kinda yucky.
 went full-blown cold virus by Friday, and Eli and I started to begin to feel it coming on then, too. So, his blood work on Friday, in Memphis (yes, we did a one-day trip, phew!), was still not high enough. I am kicking myself for coming home before his recover week was “technically” done (we came home on Tuesday, and should have waiting until Thursday) b/c his immune system is bogged down with this cold virus now, and was not high enough to start the chemo. He and I were pretty yucky Saturday, and today about the same. We go back on Tuesday to have it measured again, and hopefully start cycle 2 right away. Very frustrating, and sad, too, knowing that I think I could have given him a better chance by just staying put a few more days and not exposing him to Caleb and Hg. I was just so desperate to get home, to be home. And, this is the price we pay - delayed treatment for five days. Pray that this cold virus does
Part of the mess of getting out of storage.
not hold his immune system any more and that by Tuesday, he can start treatment.

I am overwhelmed at home with Christmas, and the house. I try to make lists of each kid (for myself, not their own lists, ha! Eli has 72 things on his list, literally, he numbered for Santa.), but inevitably there will be a kid lacking Christmas morning, and it will probably be Abbey, she is always the hardest for some reason. Yet, when someone asked her what she was hoping for she said “books, books, and t-shirts”. Sounds easy, right? I guess I fight that because guess what she already has a ton of…. “books, books (access to the library), and t-shirts.”

I am also trying to get the house in order (for example, someone hung Caleb’s pj shirts up, and he has thought for about three weeks that he had no clean pjs, just lots of things out of place), clean out the
Another part of the mess.
 pantry, re-organize the kitchen so that we know where everything is. I’ve, really, basically been gone since March when Eli and I left to go to MD Anderson for the fist time, with a week or days here and there at home. And, with the threat of moving no longer having over us, I’m ready to purge the house, kind of start over. So, just everywhere, every closet, drawer, cleaning out anything that is not needed or used or liked or noticed or fits; unpacking our own storage and cleaning it out for donating or finding its home in the house; unpacking my mom’s storage and cleaning it out for donating or finding a place for it (all the while feeling pretty yucky, and ticked that we are yucky). We are also preparing all pictures that we find to
Another part of the mess with nowhere to go.
 send off to be digitized, so I’m going through albums and pulling them out. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention laundry… laundry happens, always. So, we have quite a mess in time for Christmas mess. The house is certainly not calming right now, and I know, some of you precious people are checking your schedule right now for when you can come help, but, really, this is just something that I have to put my own hands on.

We are also starting our Mustang room “renovation”. The painters come Monday (so more mess, but this guy is so quick and easy, he is like a stealth painter), and my volunteer decorators came to go through all of the Mustang stuff to pick
Mo' mess that needs a home.
 through it, figure out what we need shelves for, what needs framed, etc. I wanted to recover our old couches, but that will just have to wait. We decided to do our family room in Mustang because it is the biggest room, it is kind of our “media” room, and, really, where we live unless we are eating or sleeping. It is kind of separate from the rest of the house, (was originally built to be my mom’s room for her to come live with us), so I think having it kind of set apart in decor from the rest of the house will be more natural.

Meanwhile, outside this is happening. Vic is trying to add some fun stuff to the Mustang, trying to learn to dig into it a little bit - took the front off! He changed the interior lighting to blue, and is putting in halo lighting for the headlinghts and fog lights on it. The tag also came this week, so it looks really nice, it really stands out.

Thank you all as usual for remembering Eli, and for helping us to spread awareness about childhood cancer.

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