Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just. Wow. At the Birthday wishes! We have enjoyed watching them come in. Eli was ready to get on the road this morning to get home. He and I haven’t been to the house in three weeks, I think, seems longer, so we were both ready. It’s been a fun day. Thanks to our many
13-hour trips to Houston, our drives from Memphis now go by quickly. We got home in time to pick up the kids at school, and then we picked out a Christmas tree, had a special dinner at Logan’s (Eli’s pick), and a big cookie. He’s having some class buddies over Saturday, but we enjoyed a family birthday today. It is certainly a special day with sad implications, but really, the stock in each day has risen so high, that the calendar is practically even. And, Eli, as I’ve said before, makes denial so easy.

Yesterday, he and I caught “A Christmas Carol” play at Theatre Memphis, and it was just fabulous! Absolutely, fantastic! I’ve seen a couple of shows over the last couple of years that I have just loved,
so I don’t know, maybe I’m becoming a show gal. And, honestly, the props and scenery get just as much of my attention as the players. How they can design something that is just enough for me to “get the picture”, is aesthetically wonderful, and functional for the stage, is just amazing.
After that, we went to lunch, and Eli had his first day (hour) back at school! He went to school as regular as was offered and as he could within his schedule during the first treatment. He loved going because of the sweet teacher, so I knew he would love going back, and it would give us something to do that was constructive. The same teacher is there, and I know he
This is a "Mustang Grave Yard." That's what we call it.
The entire property has junked Mustangs.
enjoyed it, even if he doesn’t smile or say it. It’s only for an hour three times a week, but that’s something.

I wanted to give a plug for our benefit dinner that will be next week, December 10. Eli and I plan to come back for it, unless something happens and he is suddenly having issues. If you are in driving distance to Athens, this will be a nice holiday evening event that supports childhood cancer. We will have a chorale group, a
buffet dinner, and Dr. Carolyn Russo of St. Jude’s affiliate program is our keynote speaker. So, it is going to be a great opportunity to hear about the affiliate program that is so important for the community. Tickets are on sale now, as well as ornaments, so get in your order. You can order anything from a table of eight, to a single ticket. This would be a great evening to use as an
 office party, or family outing. We will only have pre-sales for the tickets in order to prepare the catering, so order now and help us get the word out. You can order at

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