Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We signed the enrollment papers today for Eli to be a part of the trial. The only unexpected part was that we have to stay in Memphis for four weeks. That hurt a little…. sort of a lot. But, the doc gave us permission to go over to Florence for the car show this Saturday. Eli is so excited, and plans to ride in with our local Mustang club. We appreciate Austin’s work on it and
the push to get people there. The car show season is coming to a close, so this might be his only real chance to be in one, so we are grateful to Austin and the guys that have helped him to pull something together. It was in his prayers tonight that it be “a good day at the car show. On more fun, car notes, ROUSH sent some fun things in Eli’s language (he speaks Toy), and the sweetest letter. He has a really cool diecast autographed by Jack Roush, and a collector’s card autographed by Jack Roush, Jr., in his race car. We will be excited to display that. I have a friend that is going to help me (was going to help me when I thought I was going back home, so now, we will put off again) get out all the Mustang stuff that has been stored while we had the
 house up for sale, and get it organized, get things framed if they aren’t, figure out shelving, etc., and get that Mustang room going as we have always planned.

(The rest is rambling…) So, yes, the four weeks is tough. They will move us over to the Ronald McDonald House, which will be kind of neat since we have never stayed in one. And, at least I am in familiar territory in Memphis, already know the hospital, already know a lot of people around. But, you know my lament…. just tired of being away. We do feel encouraged to be doing something and not just waiting around. Even though the treatment itself is a big question mark, still it feels good to be doing something. I do not like being away from my kids, that’s not new, and I already see that Caleb has a field trip that I will miss. I am happy that Hg and Caleb will come back to Memphis with me from the car show, so they
 will stay with me while they are out of school for Thanksgiving break. But, we can only have four people in housing, so Abbey will be the odd-man out, again. And, trust me, she would rather be the odd-man out, especially since she will be spending most of that time with my sister and friends. Vic will come over at the end of the week for Thanksgiving, and then they can all go back that Saturday to get ready for the school week. If Eli doesn’t seem to be having any issues, he and I may “sneak” home for the remaining two Saturdays. After that we will just come for one day at the beginning of a cycle to get the medicine, then administer it at home, and get lab work done at the clinic at home (how thankful we are for the affiliate!!!). The treatment will just be a pill once a day for 21 days, then seven days off. That completes a cycle. Unless he declines rapidly, or has symptoms to warrant an MRI sooner (indicating progression), his next one will be mid-January. Boston has not called or emailed. So, please pray that this treatment has an affect on the disease, and does not compromise his quality of life that we all enjoy with him right now. He seems to continue to feel good, has no complaints, is playful, sleeps well, eats something. We have so much for which to be thankful!

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