Monday, November 9, 2015

We found Eli's mustang! It was hiding in the mountains in Blue Ridge, GA, as Bill Elliot's neighbor! Tom Nicholson, at Blue Ridge North GA Ford, was holding on to it until we found it. After a solid week of living, breathing, eating, sleeping, mustangs, and listing websites, and dealerships; reading articles, making lists, making charts, consulting enthusiasts we know and some we don't, discussing Eli's wishes, discussing our short and long-term needs as a family for a car purchase (got one kid that just turned 15, etc.) liquidating some other things to try to get what Eli likes (black, 2005 +), going back and forth, up and down, jerked this way that way, hearing "no" bunches of times, regrouping, reversing, revamping our plan as we learn what is out there, learn the market, and worrying,
 worrying, worrying about the decision from all directions, (big breath) we settled late in the week on a black '13/'14 GT Premium. We think changes made in the late models of the 2012's and up allow for what we think will be more flexibility with customizing (the fun for Eli), and the dependability of a very low mileage, newer car (what we need long-term), and the value we learned the car will maintain if we have to suddenly abandon the idea and sell it. Eli really wanted a black '15. We tried to swing it. Ford has a great sale going on right now, but even after doing some more manipulating of what we have (what we can do personally. We do not touch what has been given for Eli's medical care for things our family needs or wants, for vacations, or any normal extras a family would do. It stays in a special
 account reserved for just that), but just couldn't do it. But, we all like this model. Eli always liked the 14's because the headlights are similar to the 15's, he likes the LED brake lights of the 13/14 (these are things little boys notice, he even looks at those things on his hot wheels). So, all that considered and with the color restriction - Eli was insistent on black. I just knew he would want blue, and asked him so often he began to ignore me - and the year range, and Vic limiting our search to a radius of 300 miles, (I started in Athens and worked my way out looking online at used car inventory. Huntsville had one, but it was a cali special and we didn't want that. Very cool, but didn't want to be pigeon - holed yet) we found a
Tom was glad to hand over the keys!
 small patch of what we wanted around Atlanta with the lowest prices of others that we found. One was a unique car that we really, really liked, but it was a small long shot. If it didn't work out, we had five other choices in that area. After a very long day, we drove it out about 8 pm. It is just awesome, we want to live in it. Its got factory applied striping, which is rare, only saw a couple with stripes, but we like the gray (brain cancer is represented by gray) on the black. It is a premium, but we couldn't afford the premium with the track package, which we tried to get, so had to back off that. It has very low miles, it is essentially brand new. Eli really only shows emotion to us, and even then tries to hide his smiles, but
 he is thrilled. We all are. After much discussion, the kids are trying out the name Bruce for it, named after the alter ego of one of our favorite superheroes the Dark Knight - Batman. Thank you all for being a part of it, either by generously donating online, or through the mail, and your generous prayers that Eli enjoy every day given him.

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