Monday, November 2, 2015

It's November! My fav months are Oct, Nov, Dec. Three of the kids' birthdays are one each in those months... purposefully. Caleb was rouge. Eli's birthday is December 3rd, cards will be plenty for him if you would like to send him one as it approaches (107 S. Marion Street, Athens, AL 35613), or instead of sending him a gift if you want to do $5-$10 for his gofundme for the mustang, but I'm going to close it up today about 1 p.m., so that we are ready to pull the trigger on a Mustang. We want to get one as soon as we can so that we can enjoy it with Eli for as long as we can. Eli seems to be doin ok, seems like he is loosing a bit of energy, but nothing major to report with him. I'm sharing a pic of boy cousins, pumpkin painting, and Big Sam and Mini Pearl stretching out over a spacious driveway with no camper or truck to share it with (I'm sure our neighbors are glad since we were in violation of our neighborhood code). Sadly, Big Sam is mysteriously incapacitated at the
 moment. He may be showing his 286K age, but we fear the starter has gone out finally. Vic is also mysteriously incapacitated at the moment. He may be showing his age, but we fear it is a stomach virus. So, Big Sam will have to wait, until Vic can get out of the floor in the closet. Which leaves me and Mini Pearl. I LOVE to drive her. She packs a punch of fun. We are a dangerous combo b/c I get all of my tickets with her, such as was the case over the weekend. Yep, another ticket. In my defense, I was jinxed due to a previous conversation, and the universe was out of my control at that point. Very frustrating from all directions. Frustrating b/c I can't just be allowed to enjoy driving, and frustrating b/c I can't seem 
to do what I'm supposed to do. Mini Pearl and I let out a little synchronized sigh when I set her cruise at 45. So, yeah, there was that to kick-off the holidays. Merry Christmas too me. It is another busy week. I've got a friend coming over this week to help me get cleaned out and organized in the house and garage, get out of the storage unit, find where to put Mom's stuff, and make room in one of the bays for Eli's mustang. We are excited to begin a push for Hope for the Holidays benefit dinner December 10. So, we would love that any of you that are in Athens, or willing to come to Athens, join us for a really nice evening that will raise awareness to childhood cancer. You will enjoy the Huntsville Master Chorale, and hear from Dr. Carolyn Russo, the medical director of the St. Jude affiliate program. Suzanne's will be catering the buffet dinner. You can go to our non-profit website at for info to get tickets, or to donate tickets for a local cancer a family to attend. We also have ornaments for sale commemorating the event. Thank you all for your continued to support on here, as it is comforting, but also knowing the prayers continue for our sweet boy.

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