Thursday, November 26, 2015

(I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I skipped a post, this is from two days ago, after the car show, and before we went to Graceland.) We worshiped at Bartlett yesterday, and I saw a friend from college. We talked a few minutes, and he turned to hg and said, “Your mom was quite a force when I knew her.” She smiled and tossed out a polite chuckle, but I could sense the teenager internally rolling her eyes and saying to herself “I bet she thought she was.” Then he said, “And, look at your hair!” Ha! Yep, the white (and the straight, I had black curly hair believe it or not) is quite a shock to those who knew me in my prior life. It was fun seeing someone from that era. We
 were also able to met Chandler, a 15-year-old fighting the same cancer as Eli, even the same sub-type, and in treatment at St. Jude. He was diagnosed this summer, so he is at the very start of his treatment, an updated protocol to what Eli went through, and he has his first MRI this week to check the status of the disease. So, remember them in prayer.

We have had a great kick-off to our Holiday week. After Eli and I spent the week in Memphis getting settled and his treatment started, we met the rest of our gang at a car show held in his honor in Florence, Alabama, on Saturday. It was a great day all the way around. The coordinator was a young guy with a big heart just wanting to show Eli some cars, and he put together a great show in just a couple of weeks (a testament to his own reputation that so many responded to participate and to donate door prizes). He is thinking that we had about 80 cars, and all donations went to Team Victory 4 All, our non-profit. We had cars from as far away as Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, that I at least know of. (I thought I had more pictures, but I think I was letting others take pictures, thinking that I would steal them when they posted.) Vic had spent the
 evening before getting Bruce spruced up, and spent some more time with Kris putting on decals from the graphics guys at ROUSH that say “The Dark Knight” to make him truly one-of-a-kind. The show was fun for many reasons. I got to see Vic and the kids after being away for a week, we got to see some friends from the area that we know, we got to meet new friends, and I actually sat down in a chair! I know! I had no hand in any part of the organization of the show, so after a couple of hours walking around meeting and greeting, I sat down in a chair and chatted with the owners of the car next to us. It was great! We had a number of cars come from the Limestone club. They all met in
 Athens, and then drove in a caravan to Florence, and Vic was absolutely thrilled to be in the line. He was almost giddy from doing that.
After the show we were able to have dinner together before splitting up again. I only brought Hg to Memphis, though. Caleb is a home guy. He just likes his stuff, likes his bed, likes to be home when he is out of school so that he can enjoy home, so he went back. I’m with him on all of that. I like to travel, and see and do things, but then I want to be home to energize and rejuvenate. I so badly wanted to go home after the car show, because we were tired, freezing and wet from rain (later that evening it rained, it was great weather for the show). I wanted to go home, and snuggle up on the couch with a warm blanket and carpet under my feet, and watch re-runs of something. Instead, we had to come back to what is a small hotel room with one chair in it and cold, wood floors. I haven’t really warmed up to the Ronald McDonald House yet. It is so communal, and I think I must be one of those “outgoing introverts” that I’ve seen written about in an article circulating. I just can't relax in a communal living room. And there are lots of rules that are commons sense. I don’t mind suggestions:
“It works out great if…” But, I don’t like being forced to do something that I already know to do. It's just irritating, and rubs the rebel in me wrong. But, it is clean, it is free, and it is safe, and it is not double digit hours away. I need to work on a Thankful blog soon.
On Friday, Eli had an opportunity to see Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur” before it is in theaters. A local theater brought it in for the patients to see in an auditorium on campus. It was fun to have that to do. St. Jude does a great job of special events like that, but the movie… well, I assume that Disney had to fill a quota of movies per year, and they used the first one in line on the shelf. Eli thinks he loved it, though.
So far, no side affects to being on the med. Eli had a great day Saturday, wasn’t any more tired than he usually is, or any of us were. He is eating good, and seems his usual self. That of course makes me nervous, too. "Why isn't he sick, it must not be doing anything." Can't win.

Baylee has gone downhill quickly. She is sleeping a lot, not in any pain. She will slip into a coma at some point soon. My heart hurts for them, and for all of us that have or will go through the valley with our children. Remember her, and her mom Shellie.

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