Thursday, November 19, 2015

Getting in the elevator this morning to come over to the hospital, Eli fiddled with a transformer. As he tweaked the positioning of the arms, looking down, he said in his small, quiet voice, “I will be very happy for this treatment.” He is ready to get started with something. Talking with another mom yesterday, we agreed that when treatment finally starts, it is kind of like taking a break. A path has been chosen, so the late nights of reading articles, journals, trial text, testimonials, etc., stops for a while at least. You just go with the routine of it until you have to think about another path. Eli took his first dose of pomalidomide this morning. The trial calls for timed blood draws to check how much medicine is still in his system at certain intervals. Pomalidomide is related to thalidomide, which some of you might remember
 from the late 60’s when it was given to pregnant women to relieve nausea, resulting in population of birth defects. So, it’s pretty scary stuff, and handled with precaution. We move into the Ronald McDonald House in the morning, and then we will be set. “Then tomorrow’s tomorrow will be the car show,” he said. We went to the zoo yesterday, just strolled around one half of it knowing that we can do the other half another day, watched a movie last night, and got in the bed early to be up early.

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