Monday, October 5, 2015

I am heart-heavy for a cyber-friend in Utah who has traveled by med-flight with her daughter to a PICU after an MRI showed increased disease and swelling in her brain. Please, say a prayer for cancer-mom, Shellie, and multi-relapse cancer fighter, Baylee. Baylee was diagnosed at the age of 10, and is now 17. They portray beautiful examples of grace and courage under fire. I am sharing a picture of Eli with a picture of a car sent him in a very cool care package from a church class. Kids have the most genuine and pure hearts. I just get goosebumps when I think about the kids brainstorming what to put in a care package, or them diligently and thoughtfully preparing or creating something. I also wanted to share a pic of Eli in an exclusive UAW Flat Rock Assembly t-shirt that is in celebration of the new Shelby Mustang GT350R sent to him by his friends in the UAW. In the chaos that is our way of life, we are going to be selling Vic's truck (a 1970 Chevy Cheyenne long-bed with a 350 small-block, and six in the floor, in need of much love), and Eli's Make-a-Wish camper and hope to buy a special Mustang for us to have fun with, go to car shows, to work on, etc. We just do not use the camper, bottom line. Love it, love the idea of it, but just don't. It is sitting, and we think this would be pretty special, too, especially in the future. So, the camper is like brand-new, many things still in the plastic, if you know of anyone in the market for a like new pop-up, or a "project truck" send me a private message. When we get those sold, I
 thought it would be fun to have a sort of contest to search for Eli the perfect Mustang for his buck. We go to St. Jude in Memphis on Wednesday where he will have an unsedated MRI of the brain on Thursday, and an unsedated MRI of the spine on Friday. We have a consultation that afternoon for an update of his status, then will come home. There is a local car show on Saturday that he really wants to go to, and St. Jude doesn't usually like to keep patients over the weekend because they have to put us up - making your donations count! I heard today that the Mayo trial has been delayed six weeks, so that is not really going to be an option, right now at least. So, the St. Jude guinea pig sign-ups is now our only choice. Staying positive, we would be able to do it at home, and Eli is so, so happy to be home. He is in a good mood, playful, he feels very good right now, which we are so thankful for these days.

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