Friday, October 30, 2015

Gentlemen, start your search engines! We have sold both the camper and truck, so I have launched a “Where in the World is Eli’s Mustang” page for anybody that wants to show Eli a Mustang that is for sale. I didn’t want to do it on this page because I wanted it to be more open, and I figured not everyone that follows Eli wants to see Mustangs for sale posts. So, if you want to see the cars that Eli will be considering, you can join the page I expect it to be really only mustangs that are for sale, so don’t join the page unless you want to see mustangs for sale. I will not be giving Eli updates on that page since it is not controlled/private, and if you have a fun mustang picture or unusual mustang to show him that is not in our price range as listed on the page but it just something cool to show him, then continue to post it here. Only mustangs that are actually for sale in our price range on the other page. We want to look at all of our options for him, so read the guidelines on the page, and let’s find that Mustang!

He is still doing well, as far as we can tell. He baked cookies one morning, and then just sort of gets drug around by me each day. We are scheduled to go to Memphis November 12 for MRI’s to kick off the research trial. That’s a long time. It is so frustrating, when you know it’s growing.

We participated in trunk-or-treat at the church building Thursday. That was a lot of fun. We’ve never participated as a family before, so it was fun to decorate Big Sam and the kids did really like handing out candy. We also had a bonfire tonight, which Eli and Vic actually went to, so that was a little unusual since they are both introverts. Saturday is big with another church event, and we are hosting our own halloween party of sorts. So very busy fun stuff these days, we are enjoying it all knowing what we know.

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