Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The official word from Eli's exit scan from the trial is that his disease is stable, but more specifically wobbly stable. From April to June without treatment, he showed measurable growth. From June to August with treatment, the lesions showed no measurable growth, with the one possibly showing growth, and one possibly shrinking. The spine may have improved. The radiologist thinks that the interpretation of disease burden at the last MRI was an "over call," so it's either better or it wasn't as bad as they thought. So, we will take it and move forward in the "gray area" that we always seem to be in. There is no clear path to the next step, so we will meet with the oncologist at MDA Thursday to get his opinion. Since it is September, childhood cancer month, please find a way to support/promote a childhood cancer effort, and share Eli's page so that petitions to The Great Physician, our Creator, are ceaseless. It important to seek out childhood cancer organizations, and here is why: the National Cancer Institute says that childhood cancer is the number one killer of children by disease. Then to justify giving less than four percent to it, it also says it is rare. It can't be rare, and be "number one killer", and I'm pretty sure 46 new diagnoses each day, and seven deaths each day from childhood cancer isn't rare. The American Cancer Society - which sent me an email asking me to join to support childhood cancer - gives less than one percent to childhood cancer. They can't use our children to drive their emotional marketing tactics, then give virtually nothing to support it. To actually support the victims of childhood cancer, seek out actual childhood cancer organizations, or children's research hospitals. Please, share your awareness.

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