Monday, September 28, 2015

September 26: The Williams are representin' going to Cali! Not so sure these are the best three teams to be using to represent, nevertheless, we like to wear our colors. We kicked off the morning with an awesome tour of the massive firetruck at the airport. We are about to take off from Dallas, next stop LAX. I feel like the clampetts, but without the millions.

September 28: I am working on sharing our trip, but we have been so exhausted at the end of each day that all of us have just gone to bed as son as we could, including me.  So, I will write more later, but for now, know that we are having a great time, Eli is doing well. We have one more free day, then we head to Houston for Eli to have another intrathecal treatment, while the others head home. I have
 a ton of pictures to post, but I am not allowed to post any from inside Jay Leno’s Garage. Mr. Leno sells the rights to take pictures of his cars to magazines and car companies and donates it to non-profit groups. The magazines won’t pay top dollar if it can just grab a picture of it off the internet. So, the picture I’m sharing is of the skid marks outside the garage on the street. I get the feeling that he has some fun outside his garage. We had an outstanding tour of the Warner Brothers Studios. We also did a couple of must-do touristy things, just for pictures, and then toured Jay Leno's garage. We did not get to see him, but we saw a lot about him, just by visiting his garage and listening to his friend/tour guide. We did Universal Studios shopping district tonight, and the plan as of tonight is to go to Knott's Berry
 Farm tomorrow. I'm still crossing my fingers to get to drive on Highway 1 to Malibu. We attended a friendly little congregation Sunday morning, Burbank Church of Christ, that needs your prayers. They are in a tough area to evangelize, and they desire to grow and be a light in their community, a community that is blind to living in darkness. So, they have a tough sell. Also, please, add a little one named Quin to your prayer list. He had surgery to remove a tumor today, and they are waiting on the pathology report. It is so nice for us to have this little break in thought to what we are facing, and then I learn about this little one just getting started. Realty is always around the corner even in Hollywood

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