Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It was a “Super” week last week. We (me) were overwhelmed with helping to get one of our non-profit’s three fundraisers in the books that helps to raise awareness for childhood cancer during Childhood Cancer month. Eli is doing pretty well, but we continue a waiting pattern for
someone to take him to continue the treatment. St. Jude has what it needs to make the decision (I think), and we are waiting on a call from New York to see if he would qualify for the phase two treatment there. So, just waiting. Eli is doing pretty well. He continues with an unsteady walk, some potty issues, but that’s all I can tell. His chemistries have recovered, so, again, we just wait. He is really loving being home, he is so glad, and so am I. I just wish we could stop everything right where we are.

It is childhood cancer month, and most of you by now, surely, know that I, along with my sister, and three friends, started a non-profit group to try to better organize efforts to fundraise that we have been doing, really, since Eli was first diagnosed. Right now, our mission is to raise money for St. Jude. That is the bulk of our experience during this journey. I know what it does, I was comfortable with money going there, and it was easy while we learn the ropes of being a non-profit.
 We also are growing a fund to help with funeral expenses of children lost to cancer. As a “fixer”, I felt a need to lift a burden for a family. I can’t cure cancer, I can’t make all their bills go away, but I felt like this was something that could be done. Most families that have lost a child to cancer have endured financial hardship through treatment, then to receive the bills associated with the child’s passing is just being kicked while you are down. So, we added that as something we want to grow. We host three events for our community. Eli’s car show, Superhero Day, and a holiday benefit dinner. We will be wrapping up our fundraising for this year soon, preparing to write our check to St. Jude. We want it to be much more, this is your chance to get in on our presentation for this year! Please consider donating to our
 org, and help us grow and do what we really want to do, which is support childhood cancer research and treatment. You can even do it in honor of someone or in memory of someone, and we will send a nice card to the address you provide saying that a donation was made. For the rest of September, childhood cancer month, we will send you a childhood cancer lapel pin for your donation of $15 or more. So go to our website, and donate via paypal. Write in the notes who it is in memory of or in honor of, and the address to send the card. In the second paragraph add your address for where to send the pin. If you don’t want to use paypal, send a check made out to Team Victory 4 All 24900 Savannah Trail, Athens, AL 35613. Thank you for supporting this personal outlet and distraction for me, and for helping something good come out of the nightmare that has been the last three and a half years.

Eli had some photos done recently with a couple of mustangs. Many are saying how much he looks like my dad, and he really does in these pictures with his round head, little straight across grin and ears that stick out. My cellphone pics are awesome, so I can’t wait to see what that photographers pics look like.

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