Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wanted to share a quick post, just to always keep you updated, but not much to report. Eli and I went to an airplane museum and the Rain Forrest Cafe in Galveston last week, then for the weekend we met the rest of the fam in Meridian, MS. Since they had school on Friday, Eli and I took the brunt of the trip, 8 hours one way. We only had Saturday, and didn't do anything huge.... it was Meridian... but there was a quaint train museum and a mall, so by the time the kids get to play their video games together, we eat out, do some last minute school supply shopping, our Saturday was full. We tried to go to a carousel, but it was reserved for a private party. We are going to try to do it again this weekend, and this time, we are thinking we will go to Pearl, MS. Vic and the kids will play video games Saturday morning in the hotel room, while I go to traffic school..... yep, less than an hour on the road Sunday, I had a fan. I got caught off cruise and without a lead car. I do like to drive, always have liked driving, I enjoy the car. I appreciate the state's effort with the speed suggestions on the little signs, but I know my car,
 whether it be Mini Pearl or Big Sam, and I know what speed the car I'm driving likes to go. There is a sweet spot for each of them and it is not always in line with the state's suggestion. I'm not reckless, I don't think, I don't like to follow close or dart back and forth (unless I need to in order to point out the idiocy of a road-mate), but I do like a smooth, fast sail. So, Mississippi would like some one-on-class time with me to make a stronger case for their speed suggestions. (insert frustrated scream here) Eli is doing pretty well, still some congestion, but he seems to feel pretty good. We are headed to the movies. He loves Shaun the Sheep and, unbelievably, there is an entire movie about him. And, even more unbelievably, Rotten Tomatoes, the movie review site, loved it, really loved it. We are anticipating staying some into September as we try to figure out our "after trial" step with him, I paid for another month of furniture rental and our lease is not up until September 30, so we've got some time to figure out if we will be staying here longer or where we will go.

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