Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How hot is it in Texas? It’s so hot that Wal-mart started selling pitchforks. It was 100 degrees, with a heat index of 112 today. In line with all the “First Day” pics of school starting back, Eli has his own “First Day” pic to share, ha! Cycle three is underway, and he is doing pretty well. His platelets were low last week, but not low enough to do anything about, so he will have more labs drawn, probably next week to check. He has a little cold, just a runny nose. You are forewarned that this is probably the most boring up date I have ever written. That’s great!! We had a busy week at home last week. We hit the ground running with an open house Sunday, so we had to get everything we pried out from around Abbey put away and the house ready. Went through school dress code clothing to see what fits - which was nothing! I didn’t realize that the girls had no dress code pants (they can’t wear jeans to school, and had plenty of tops). I fudged with Caleb last year and he wore hand-me down pants that were too big for him, so they are at least closer this year (so hard to find pants for boys to wear in this heat. I happened up on some very thin roll-up beachcomber pants when Eli was in Kindergarten, so I just keep them rolled down and they are very cool to wear - not the Fonzie kind of cool). But, the girls, oh, my. I was able to go shopping for Abbey some generic pants, but I ran out of time for Hg, and will order online to send home. I did have to buy all new dress-code P.E. shorts for her because we just didn’t have to worry about that
 with her homeschooling last year, so I didn’t really pay attention to her having long shorts. I also replaced socks for everybody making the laundry easier, and I replaced, “other things”, and Abbey got a new pair of wear-with-everything shoes. And, Eli got a new pair of tennis shoes. He was so excited. He doesn’t grow any more, so he doesn’t out grow shoes or anything, and he is not active, so he does not wear them out either. I realized that he had been wearing this pair for almost three years, so since he wasn’t in on the “back-to-school” supplies and clothes madness, he got a pair. I got as far as I could on supply shopping. I made this big deal about how I wasn’t going to buy backpacks or lunch boxes this year, then could not find them. I assume they are all in storage at the storage unit, and I was running out of time (this was all on Saturday when we were leaving to come to Houston), so I just went to Staples and got them each a new backpack and lunchbox. They don’t match, and are practical, not fashionable. I also got the girls’ haircuts, and I had several meetings about upcoming events for our non-profit. Then I spent most of a day taking Eli to get the blood draw for lab work, and visited both the pediatrician and the ENT to get Eli’s ear wax cleaned out. He was not happy at all, but, WOW, they pulled out some chunks. We barely made it to school orientation, and did some supply drop-offs the next day. The girls went to a movie and had friends spend the night (7 girls total), so I’m giving me a big
 check-mark for that one because that was a summer must for them. Then suddenly, I turned around and Eli and I were on the road back to Houston. We made it in time to worship at Stafford Sunday night, then we had treatment today, plus a trip to Toys R Us and the grocery. Tomorrow we have nothing, and plan nothing.

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